Fresh Alcide…


I woke up to a inbox full of beta notes and MORE eye candy from my own personal graphics department, LEI

Beta goodness provided by:

  • GaijinVamp
  • CheshireAliCat
  • Tinacre
  • SLCurwin
  • MyUniverse
  • AuroraMorningstar

Told ya, I’m on a roll…

Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 25: Lost Something

PS… don’t forget that the role of Drew was inspired by the amazing, Eddie Izzard. Love. That. Man.


Hope you enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Fresh Alcide…

  1. I’ve known you’re a genius for a while but i’m now thinking your psychic too! Have re-read all your stories over the last week, just clicked on AIW chap 24 n decided to refresh my inbox & look what’s in there! 😀 thank soooooo much!

  2. I am rereading AIW and on chap 23 and was like sweet. New chappie. Needed this badly. Thank you for making my day better 🙂

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