LEI appreciation post

LEI is amazing! She’s gone into hyperdrive!

This week, she sent me a handful of new banners and eye candy and I love her for it!

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8 thoughts on “LEI appreciation post

  1. LOVE all the BANNERS!!!!!
    Its great to put a face to names. I watched the first season of Trueblood and love Alex as Eric, but everyone else fell short for me. I like your version of the characters.
    Would love to see your Marnie and Hunter.

    • actually, the actors in the banners aren’t completely who I picture when i write the characters.
      I’ve been asked enough times that i should’ve posted a casting board by now, but writing always distracted me.
      As for Marnie and Hunter, I picture Alanna Ubach as Marnie
      and i picture Zac Efron as Hunter

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