10 thoughts on “Making good…

  1. So excited! If I am not out in 30 minutes send Herveaux in to track me, preferably nekkid.

    Oh btw, the marriage proposal still stands 🙂 how much silver will you need? Lol

  2. You just jinxed it tomorrow will not happen. It will rain and you will have the kids to deal with or your beta will be sleeping again. You know what happens when you say you are going to post something 😛

    • Ummmm…
      U did it.
      Ur the jinx…
      If I don’t post tomorrow…
      Everybody listening?
      If I can’t post… Its cos Wooth jinxed me.
      How’s that?

  3. I hoping that Wooth doesn’t have that kind of power, don’t let her have it. If she does I’m sure we can come up with some kind of leverage to make her think positive thoughts.

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