New Story…

That’s right…

You aren’t seeing things.

I’m working on a new story…

Meanwhile is coming to a close…

As is Alcide In Wonderland…

I’m adding a third story to the lineup…

The first chapter is really short (teaser length) and more of a preface, but I’m dying to know what y’all think…

All Human & Eric POV…

It Can’t Be

Chapter 1: Foundations

*biting nails*

15 thoughts on “New Story…

  1. Great new story. Your work rate is astonishing compared to other writers i read from. Thanks for that. But i ws wondering if you will be finishing the missing chapters of “Bored to death” along with “Meanwhile”?

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait for more! Always loving your stories! This is going to be awesome. Ever thought of a follow-up to….An Engraved Invitation?

  3. I trully enjoyed the first chapter of the new story. You are talented and gifted to be sure! Is there any chance at all that you might find your muse to go back to Life and death? I’m hanging with the cliffie. Ok just so you know how much you have me….perhaps a chapter to the dating game? Your stories ae sooo different that what one normally finds. Not only do you bring other characters to the table, you make sure that they are of substance not just background fluff! Keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading!

  4. Well you’ve done it again, I’m hooked!!! This has the potential to be so exciting with lots of Sookie and Eric drama… I was so thrilled to see a post from you, I was telling my husband that my favorite author posted a new story and he just laughed, he knows how much I love your stories. I was wondering will there be sequels to BTD and Meanwhile? Just hoping, can’t wait for more chapter on your new baby!!

  5. Foundations I can’t wait for more. Love your stories. I have an addition going. LOL. I hope you have a whole bunch more comming.

  6. all of your stories are great, but i have to say that AIW has been one of my faves, and now you go and tell me that it is coming to an end? no please!

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