New Alcide kids…

Ok folks.

Please forgive my fuckery, but I’m dealing with some annoying tech issues again. Somehow, Metrocast in all of its infinite wisdom has no clue how to avoid ground water seeping into the cable lines. Yay me.

The problem kills me because I have no internet…


That also makes betaing hard.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown without a net, but I’m giving you a hopefully minimal amount of retardation in this chapter.

Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 22: High Time

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One thought on “New Alcide kids…

  1. wow….you have no idea appreciative I am right now….definitely a great end to my birthday…keep up the great work, every story you have appeals to so many of us and I’m thankful that I decided to take a friends advise and read ‘a sexy, lemon filled’ story on fanfic that turned out to be ‘Dead Tired’…I’ve been reading every little bit you’ve posted and I’m loving it…thanks

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