Sneak Attack!

Bet you didn’t think you’d get another chapter of Meanwhile so soon…

Ain’t I full of surprises…

I’m going to take a sec to thank you all for the awesomeness you leave for me after you read. I love that you are enjoying my imagination… It scares me a little too, but mostly, it just makes me smile.


Chapter 13: Weathered


6 thoughts on “Sneak Attack!

  1. Now that was a serious sneak attack….here I was day dreaming about what might happen next and …..bam!…..I get chappie 13….Ur my hook-up and this is my ‘crack’….. 😉

  2. You’re a legend! You really don’t know how good a surprise it was getting this chap so quickly – it’s my little escape and after the day I had it was even more welcome.

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