Fresh Crack!

K guys…
Don’t get mad…
Hostility causes wrinkles.
BTD isn’t officially going on hiatus, but I am planning on giving some TLC to my other stories.
I’ll be holding…
Just not necessarily your poison of choice.
Bored To Death
Chapter 18: Comforted
I wanted to take the chance to thank you all…
EricIzMine now has more than 1000 comments!
I had a ‘wow’ moment when I realized it.
So uh…
Thank you…
Thank you…
Thank you…
(IOU 997 more thanks)

8 thoughts on “Fresh Crack!

  1. oh wow…i’m speechless. this is really bittersweet, its great that your spending time on your other stories and i will enjoy those updates but i will BTD 😦 🙂

    can’t wait to see what you have planned!!

  2. Crack is Crack whether it comes in the form of BTD, Dead Tired, Dead Sexy or any other name you give it….lol….I for one won’t mind how you dish it out 😉 I love, love, love all your stories and I’ll be looking forward to my next fix 🙂

  3. Yes, definitely bittersweet. ;D However, I’ve discovered that no matter which one of your stories I’m reading I’m always thinking… ‘my favorite!, my favorite!’… 😀

    Congrats on breaking a thousand. 😀 😀

  4. I love BTD and look forward to its updates. We still want to know how the couple and Adele–whom we all love–will move on after New Orleans. How will “life” look if they actually move out of Eric’s house?
    That said, if we could put in “votes” for your next update, I’d love to see you further develop “Dating Game.” The Game itself was a hoot, and the first date even better. Your dialog and the characters’ repartee are great, and the story has a lot of potential. After that, I’d vote for “Life and Death.” Thanks for sharing your talent and wit with us!

  5. I’ll consume whatever you post like it is my favorite chocolate 😉 I won’t confess to how many times I’ve reread all your stories while waiting for new posts – it’s like meditation for me.

    I’m dying here waiting for the follow up to the DS teaser, but whatever new chapter you post to any story will bring me joy. I love your writing. Thanks for sharing your talent!!!

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