Bored To Death Update

Sorry for the delay updating…
I’ve been busy… Hard at work on a lil side project.
My betas approve though and you’ll be getting more on that later…
In the meantime, @Carolinagirl96a has gotten a promotion from ‘Beta-Monster’ to ‘Executive Assistant’ since she not only points out all of my Blond induced typos, but has also been holding my hand through all of my internet shortcomings…
If it weren’t for her- nothing would get posted… Like ever.
*Standing Ovation*
Thanks, Luv! You’re the bestest!
Without further ado…
Bored To Death
Chapter 16: Progress
Thanks in advance… You guys always know how to make a girl feel special;)

4 thoughts on “Bored To Death Update

  1. Y’all two are both the bestest and I’m giving you both the exuberant standing ovation you deserve *WOOHOO*! 😀

  2. “a lil side project” – you drop that in then leave us hanging ?! Very harsh 😉 How about a tiny hint, which story, when will it be out, throw us a bone here ! Anything new is very exciting, can’t wait to hear more about it.

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