In case you’re one of the few who patiently waits for update emails…

Alex-Eric-alexander-skarsgard-27995405-450-300I’m very sorry…

I did experience a major dry spell recently, but there have been six new chapters since the last time I visited your email’s inbox.


Is 36 too young to start loosing ones memory?

Does the eye candy soften the blow at all?


BratPack news: EricIzMine’s BratPack has an astounding 454 members, but  some people have their security settings set so high there isn’t a way for a non-friend to contact them, so if you go a couple of days without hearing from us after you submit a request to join, pipe up- send a message or friend request. 😀

FangReader Awards: The polls are now open and I’m very excited/honored to have been nominated for several! Please, take the time to swing by the polls and place your votes. The lovely ladies over at FangReaders put a ton of effort into the yearly ceremonies, so show them some love while you’re there. 🙂

Real life: Chaos. Utter and complete chaos. As it stands with all of the confusion and distractions, my mind is fried. Writing is still my escape, but I don’t know from one minute to the next what I’ll be able to focus on. I’m sorry if I’m neglecting one or all of your favorites, but I’m trying. Really. I swear.


On to the chapters?

Bright Things

Chapter 16: Set Up

Chapter 17: Residue

Chapter 18: Much Better


Like A Rock

Chapter 12: Twelve Minutes

Chapter 13: More

Chapter 14: Crystal Ball


Hope you enjoy them, if you haven’t already.

Much love,