Another Milestone!

tumblr_md1i04AfKw1qaufopo2_500Some people might consider getting a restraining order… But after




I just want to hug y’all!

I’m awed that you guys visit me so often when I can’t even get my kids to listen to anything I say. 😉

Thanks so much for still coming around…



Just… wow.


Anyway… I’m giddy all over myself and rambling about site stats while y’all could be reading…

Here ya go…

In The Dark*

*Not a typo… It’s really back.

Chapter 22: Priorities




17 thoughts on “Another Milestone!

  1. Much congrats Angela. You deserve it. Also, thanks for getting “Priorities” out in the world of the braid. Fun stuff.

  2. Your the best fan fiction writer in this genre. Of course your going to have a ridiculous amount of views. Also, love the new layout. I think that’s my favorite picture of Skarsgård yet.

  3. Thanks for all the awesome stories! You’ve set the bar very high for everyone writing A.H. and A.U. fics for SVM……The Multiverse IS the standard that I base all other fics by….you’ve spoiled us 🙂

  4. Congrats on THREE MILLION VIEWS!!! You rock ‘oh dream weaver’!! (Took me forever to get that rock reference off the tip of my tongue! It was stuck and my brain was not helping get it out!!) (And I hope everything is going okay at home and with your extended family. I’m thinking of you and sending you calming thoughts when everything is extra chaotic for you!)

  5. Congrats! Is it weird that I come to your site several times a day to see if there’s a new chapter, or that I’ve re-read some of the stories several times? I love your multiverse, the Saints and Sinners verse, too.

  6. So glad you are out here. You have teenagers; I get the “go away and leave me alone” daily. I need to catch up which won’t happen really soon with me trying to make holiday gifts. Happy Holidays to you! I am THRILLED to see In the Dark is back!

  7. Congrats on 3M hits!!!! I was there for the 2M mark and it is rightly deserved!!!

    Love your stories, not sure why your not publishing these ideas? I won’t dwell :$

    Have a great holiday and enjoy your family!!

  8. I noticed last week that you were approaching the 3 mil milestone and I was waiting so I could congratulate you. Your stories are wonderful, imaginative, and so different from what everyone else writes. I love that you can make me snort, snicker, laugh so loud that my husband thinks I’m insane, and make me cry all in the same chapter.

    3 Million views is well deserved and I’m sure it will only continue to grow! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations of such a huge and momentous milestone.
    Thank you for your many hours of work and for my many hours of reading.
    The Multiverse is my favourite TB fic and is often my first site that I check when I go on the internet.
    Just wanted to let you know that in the last few handful of updates there have been no forward, back or home buttons at the end of the chapters. This just means that you have to use the sidebar to go to the next chapters but I thought I would let you know and I couldn’t find an email to send you a little note about it.
    Again, thank you. You are much appreciated.

  10. Congratulations, Angela! I have read and reread your stuff so many times that I cannot count. I am very proud to count myself among those 3M hits many times over and I am also very proud to call myself one of the Brat Pack! Thank you so much for everything you do!!!

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