A fruitful couple of days…

Here ya go folks…

This time I’m not horribly behind on my posts…

(and this time, there’s eye-candy)


Yesterday, I posted…

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 25: Unexpected


Today, I posted…


Chapter 18: I Can Help


Hope y’all enjoy them!


6 thoughts on “A fruitful couple of days…

  1. Too funny – that is such a “not horribly behind”. I must be slacking on my stalking, I had not “found” the latest updates! Thanks

    • Seriously though – thanks for the lovely updates. I love all your stories so much, so it’s always nice to get new updates…

  2. His butt is so round! Did anyone else expect him to have a flat or really muscular one? I love that his looks soft and pinch able!

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