Nuclear Winter snafu…

Since I’ve been juggling my usual life and moving, some posts just weren’t made. It seems like most of y’all were keeping up without email alerts though, so that’s awesome!

The move didn’t go well, but when do they ever, right?

  • My cell phone was accidentally boxed up with shoes (we’re pretty sure it was Vaughan)…
  • The cable company (because I needed another reason to hate them) shut off service at the old house early…
  • Then they were a day late to connect our new service…
  • Almost everyone else in the house caught a stomach bug…
  • I broke 3 toes kicking the legs of my dining room table…
  • Ever try to move a family of 8 in a 10ft truck? U-Haul didn’t have anything bigger at the time…

Yeah. It was a blast.

*denote sarcasm 😉

The best part is… now it’s over. We still have a little more to unpack, but everything is in the right room and I’ve had some time to do some writing…

I just posted the second chapter in as many days, with hopes to be sending more to the betas soon.


Don’t forget about EricIzMine’s BratPack on FaceBook. Not only do it’s members have the most up to date news on chapters, but they usually knock around theories about stories, share recommendations for other stories, and get teasers and advance notice that I’ve sent a chapter to the betas. 😀

In case you haven’t been stalking, the most recently posted chapters are as follows…

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 17: Impossible Nightmare

Chapter 18: Sunlight & Hard-Ons

Chapter 19: Lord Material

Chapter 20: Hell To Pay

Some of them are bannerless because i didn’t have time or brain power to make them, but I’m surprised I managed to write anything. 😀



6 thoughts on “Nuclear Winter snafu…

  1. alerts or not…stalking your page has become second nature…lol…hope the rest goes smoothly for you now.

    I about died 6 weeks ago during my move so I humbly kneel at your alter for doing it with 6 kids and a hubby….mine was near a stroke an hour into it 😉

  2. satalite is the way to go……u must have tiny feet to be able to confuse ur cell phone with shoes…….well cooked food or pepto bismal works to help prevent or to treat somach bugs…..uhaul usually has bigger truck if u make a reservation a few days before u need said truck……..and well as to the toes stop kicking furniture that might help stop that problem and if it was u didnt see it get ur eyes checked or watch where ur walking or in this case kicking and yes I moved 12 people with a 10 FT truck just not all at once I did it by room and that worked for me and made orginaixing the new place easier…….. and as always …….. great work on the new chapters they are great and I appreciate them plus Your a great writer and have a great site here but remind me never to have u help me move lol take care

  3. After the 20th or so day of over 110 degree weather, I’ve decided to move from Arizona. I just can’t take it anymore. Thank you for reminding me what a pain in the ass it is to move, not that I’ve forgotten the crappy move here. I still think the movers has one of my kitchen boxes.

    Moving with six kids? I’d pack them in tall cartons until we got to the new house.

  4. Moving sucks, plain and simple. I have to move next year and fortunately I can do it with a small U-Haul and a couple of friends, it’s finding a new apartment that sucks for me. Love your writing though and can’t wait to get busy reading!

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