F*@!ING BANDWIDTH!!! And all that implies…

Thanks to MetroCast and their general ineptitude, I barely managed to upload last night’s chapter without pulling out my hair.

Which makes this the perfect time to plug the BRATPACK over on FaceBook… I managed to maintain just enough signal that they knew the new chapter was ready and waiting.
They were reading it at 10.

So… Not so quickly… but I’ll do my best because I have errands to run and you have a chapter that’s been getting cold for hours.


Lyndel Turner, Cassey Kadesh, Leah Price and Melissa Carson have been busting their phenomenal asses to put together some MultiVerse reference materials…

They’ve archived and designed and toiled and… well, you get it. You have no idea how many vente coffees and ePapercuts these ladies conquered to put it all together, but it’s ready and waiting…


It’s beautiful, girls! Your time and energy were well spent! Thanks!


If you got a giggle or two out of the pics along the side of the the post, I thought I’d invite you all to contribute your own art to the soon-to-be WALL OF SHAME.

I know a lot of y’all love the jokes/slams/jibes/pranks… You aren’t alone. We (when I say ‘we’, I mean the Bratpack) have been snorting our drinks since Rheya Kelvin gave us her McMerlotte masterpiece.


Your chapter…

It has some of those ‘links to nowhere’ again… the dialogue is in Dutch, but if you hover your cursor over it, you see the English translation (not that you’ll need it- I’m sure you can guess).

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 4: Good Riddance



Then review…

Then go check out the MVGuide…

Then fire up your Photoshop and put together a little memento of your fave shame-scene.



5 thoughts on “F*@!ING BANDWIDTH!!! And all that implies…

  1. Because I’m convinced that in SVM, Sookie will end up with Sam – not that I even read it anymore, or care that much, but the idea still annoys me, anyway, I have a profound dislike of Sam, so the McNugget joke is close to my heart and now we have the image to go with it, quite lovely, thank you 🙂

  2. The only bad thing about being in the Brat pack is (like Jason I seem to run on squirrels) even though I know I already read the new chapter when I see the WP email I get all excited. Sad I know but I lost my mind ages ago and the squirrels are willing to work very cheap … For peanuts.

    Cassy 🙂
    Loved the chapter!

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