Let the flirting commence!

Tonight you get some flirty-flirty…

And Team Beta already has chapter 2 of Nuclear Winter. So tomorrow night you’ll be getting something more serious.



Chapter 5: Mean Woman Blues


I’d like y’all to meet Jupiter/Jude…

He makes a small appearance in this chapter, but you’ll see more of him later.



2 thoughts on “Let the flirting commence!

  1. WOW!!!! Thats 11 spin-offs from Bored to Death. I dont know how you are so creative and come up with all these plots and twists for each one. They are the same characters but so completely different. You’re not human!!! I mean that in a good way, lol.
    Im in total and complete awe of how you manage to write such wonderful stories that keeps us coming back for more!!!!!

    Lucky for me that I was tired of reading TWI fiction and happened upon your Saints & Sinners and the rest is history.
    May your passion for the Sexy Viking and the Delicious Wolf forever burn bright in your heart. And let our reviews, votes and site hits be the torch to co.tinue to light those flames.

    Damn that was corny, thats why I read and let others write!!!!!!

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