16 thoughts on “Hands up if you love some Alpha!

  1. O yeah… i’m doing the wave … lol… love your work… still cant believe i would get so excited to turn my pc back on. but for you i have 4 ways to read and i would use um all… 🙂 thanks mariie

  2. Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I do! I do! I hate it when I go to bed early and you sneak out a new chapter! But a nice morning surprise.

  3. Lol, that pic made me jump!!! I am raising everything. The Pre revelation slant to this is fascinating, and I’m so pleased we have the extended family on board. I always love your Jasons, he might be a bit dim but you write him with humour and warmth.

    Come on, get your finger out, more Alpha and some naughties in EP?? Pwease?

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