Fangy Awards!

Hello all!

I’m excited to say I’ve been nominated for a handful of awards by the lovely folks over at the Fangreaders Chatroom

The Newlin Award- Best All-Human FanFic

  • Saints & Sinners was nominated…

The Mr. Cataliades Award- Best Series FanFic

  • The MultiVerse was nominated…

The Ancient Pythoness Award- Best FanFic Published Before 2010

  • Saints & Sinners was nominated…

The Sookie Stackhouse Award- Best Romantic FanFic

  • Bored To Death was nominated…

The Adele Stackhouse Awared- Readers’ Choice

  • In The Dark was nominated…


I’m Honored

Is an understatement!

And trying to seem cool is pointless.

My stories are being voted on alongside some of my favorites and friends like Collide by NumberedWords, Let Love In by TerriBotta, Not From Here by Roux Roux, and Fangtasia Stories by HoneyPop…

Voting is open to everyone, so please don’t be shy… go vote for your faves!

Fangy Awards

Yes, this is a shameless plug. I own it.



28 thoughts on “Fangy Awards!

  1. Congrats! Totally deserved, your writing is like Crack, seriously.

    To quote:

    “If you’re not careful, I could lock you up for personal use.”



    Congrats to you, you most definently deserve it. Everytime you put out another story it goes above and beyond the one prior. I am always so amazed at what you can do. Keep up the fantastic work you do, we all appreciate the break from reality you give us. 🙂

  3. you do deserve it. you’re the best writer i’ve come across in a while…love your writing.

    i’ll be voting for you.

  4. Could you have warned me that some of the choices were going to be harder than…. well I don’t know if there’s anything that’s equal to the difficulty of picking between you, kjwrit, AllAboutEric and Teri Botta. I think I would have rather had a root canal. But you got more of my votes than anyone (maybe because you were on more categories than anyone else YAY!!!). Can’t wait to see how many you win. You’ll deserve every last one!

    • I have to agree. I put more time and consideration in to this than I did with the last Presidential election! I definitely prefer a root canal.

  5. Is it sad that I’ve read every story On the ballot?
    I Put my votes in, congratulations and good luck ( not that you need much luck with your fantastic writing!)

  6. You deserve every entry and award — I have voted of course 😉 I love reading your stories over and over again. Looking forward to more of your work.

  7. I need a sticker that says “I voted Today”. It’s too bad that we can’t vote the same number of times that I have read and re-read the multiverse, you would be a shoe in, LOL. Best of luck to ya!

  8. I thought this was an update for Alpha 😦 sad day for me, although I am really happy for your nominations! I voted for you every time dear heart! I hope you reward all us loyal fans soon 😉

  9. You’ve earned it, I voted for a few of those of course, I was worried whether the Multiverse would apply, so I’m glad it did 🙂 there was too much choice from all you great authors. I must go and vote now. 🙂

  10. Well deserved –you have a brain that needs to be put in a jar after you die to be studied –just friggin’ fantastic 🙂

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