Ask and yee shall recieve…

A lot of y’all mentioned you were interested in hearing about the Alpha version Gran mentioned to Eric in Death’s Door.

So here’s chapter 1…

Sookie just graduated high school and Vampires aren’t out of the coffin yet…



Chapter 1: Genesis


And I’ve finally written Tara into the MultiVerse… I even found someone who fit the canon description.

I don’t usually beg for reviews, but this is a newbie, so I’m feeling vulnerable. ;D

Hope you enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Ask and yee shall recieve…

    • Tara’s heritage, including her relationship to Lafayette, is part of the True Blood canon.
      In Living Dead In Dallas she was described with dark hair cut like a pageboy…
      In Club Dead she was described as, “several inches taller than I [Sookie] am, has dark hair and eyes and olive skin.”
      Tara is described as one of Sookie’s few high school friends.
      A cousin of Tara’s is mentioned to be a baton twirler at the football game Sookie goes to in LDID and when Lafayette is found dead in the back of Andy’s car, it’s mentioned that he has a cousin as well.
      Hope this helps 😀

      • yeah, I always took Tara to be a fairly light skinned creole type common to those parts. Given her humble beginnings, mixed heritage doesnt seem out of the question…but black? no.

  1. omg after a day from hell i thought nothing could go well…then i see mail from you, i swear you have no idea how much your multi verse or writing in general can be and is a highlight of my day and on numerous occasions is the only good thing i have to look forward to at the end of a long day…in my world your an angel sent to give me a few brief moments of peace and an interesting dialogue i can re read over and over again 🙂 always good for a laugh too 🙂 THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH

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