14 thoughts on “As promised…

  1. Its so hard to pick favorites between your stories but I’d say Europass and In the Dark tied for the win. Awesomesauce all around. As always, love you long time.
    xoxo Melarina

  2. Woot. Great chappie. Thnx so much.

    If all the chappies you’ve offered us over the last week or so are what your awesome brain comes up with while slaving after 6 kids……then what would happen if you seriously took us up on offers of cookies and indentured servants (our kids) and house-keeping slaves (someone else’s kids).?????

    The mind boggles!!!!!!

  3. Is it the weekend yet? Technically it is b/c today is a “bank holiday”. I would know since I work at one and right now i am getting paid for reading your stuff. I think everyone can understand how much I wish i could get paid for doing this every damn day. If you can’t tell I don’t really like my job but i won’t bitch too much b/c I do have a job and many don’t. However, I have to work EVERY Sat morning and let me tell you, there is a whole ‘nother breed of nutjobs that come into banks on the weekend. Talk about Looney Tunes retards. Still… anyone hiring for reading fanfics? I call dibs, I thought of it first *na na na na na raspberry*
    So, what can i bribe you with this time? I live in MD so I think I’m close enough to babysit Vaughn if you want a night out with hubby… or maybe to write *hint hint* Need a kidney?
    Lovest always and every single day,
    P.S. Is there a way for me to privately email you to ask questions about your stories or the betas? I’d prefer not to expose my former cheerleader brain to all your many readers. Not blond so I need another excuse.

  4. I have just finished re-reading the whole Multiverse. I love everyone of your stories! I’m waiting patiently for any updates. You rock!!

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