Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled…

You’re only getting one chapter tomorrow…

No matter how much you beg. I only have one more ready at the moment, but like always I’m working on more.


Euro Pass

Chapter 11: Fuck Them


I already have a character banner ready for the Mystery Man too…

On deck for tomorrow is a fresh installment of In The Dark… You’ll get to meet Ashley and see her reaction to Brandon’s family.

16 thoughts on “Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled…

  1. Its not spoiled if we say thank you and appreciate the luxuries we are given!!
    Thank you!!! Awesome awesome awesome. You are the best! /end sucking up

  2. Ok. So I going to tell you why we are not all spoiled. And yes I am going to reference one of your stories. In Death’s Door Sookies liken’s Eric to Tina’s Dealer. Well WE ALL ARE TINA and YOU ARE OUR DEALER!!!! I had reread the ENTIRE Multi-Verse by the time you updated so…… It is to the point now that I have to ask myself what is Fanfic.net when I get alerts from stories I don’t read anymore!!!!!!!!

  3. Yea!!!! More in the Dark tomorrow! You really are spoiling us this weekend! As always the EP chapters were AWESOME!!! I totally ignored evrything last night @ Disneyland in exchange for reading your EP chapters on my phone . . . I’m an Ericizmine Junkie I’m not afraid to admit it!

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