I’m not dead…

Originally, this next chapter of EP had me worried. I had a plan for it, but I was worried that you guys would be disappointed. I though the damn thing was going to be too short. It took on a life of it’s own and became so long (20K words) that chapter 9 was cut into pieces… now that it’s 9, 10 and 11, they’re more reasonable portions. 😀

So… I have a few things lined up…

Euro Pass Chapter 10: Sprightly

Euro Pass Chapter 11: Fuck Them

In The Dark Chapter 15: Not My Night

But first…


Euro Pass

Chapter 9: The First Taste

Let me know when you’re ready for more.



32 thoughts on “I’m not dead…

  1. Umm when are we not ready for more from the writer I have decided is most definitly my favorite fanfic author. Thanks for what you bring us. A

  2. I’ve been moping without you. More please… like at any moment *joins in the puppy dog eyes movement*. As always you brighten my day/night fabulously. xoxo

  3. I’ll add to the puppy dog eyes! I’ve read the latest chapter and want nothing more than to read on right now. So…whenever you are ready to post….:D

  4. I’m greedy and always ready for more. I’m as grateful as I am greedy, though, so hopefully it balances out. 😉

    Can “more” mean ch. 15 of In The dark? Please?

    Thank you for continuing to rock my world!!!

  5. I thought maybe my ALERTS were dead, not you, so I’ve been coming to this site at least once a day – because I’m that addicted to your stories. I’m so ready ready ready for all the stories.. I read Chapters 9 & 10 of Euro Pass before I left this reply – I couldn’t read them fast enough! I am so happy to hear that you have more lined up already!

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