It was a close race…

But with 56% of the votes, Euro Pass won!

I want to take a second to thank my new Beta… Seamstress has joined the team of ladies who keep a leash on my commas and tense confusion. A lot of you comment on how well written my chapters are… I usually giggle when I see those remarks and thank God for Tina, Brandy, Allison, Alison, Irene, Shauna, and now Angela…

Those ladies clean house on each chapter to the point that any typos you see are because I made them while editing.

I could NEVER give these ladies enough credit. They turn rocks into diamonds worth looking at.

Many thanks and hugs for them and how awesome they are to volunteer their time to help.



As for the new chapter of Euro Pass, I’ve introduced a new character to the story and since LEI and I have been trying to catch up with the character banners, I thought I’d introduce Pam’s assistant, Willis Laurant.

Euro Pass

Chapter 8: Light Of Day

For those of you who missed the news, this won’t be the last chapter after all. I’ve decided that it might be in my best interest (since too many of you know my address) to keep Euro Pass going for a bit longer.

Am I safe now?

Since so many of you voted for In The Dark, I’ll be posting that in just a little while. 😉


7 thoughts on “It was a close race…

  1. OMG! Europass and ITD in such a short time. Do I savour it and save one for another day….NAH! I can’t wait that long. LOL

  2. You have no idea how abso-freakin aweeeesome this news is!!!!!!!!!!….squeeeeeeeeeeeing like a Bieleber fangirl…..Thank you, thank you, thank you….I hope Willis is as Sassy as his character from ‘Will & Grace’ 🙂

  3. You are so sweet! Thanks for the shout-out – you know it’s a labor of love. And – OMG – how perfect is Sean Hayes as Willis … cracked me up when I saw the eye candy above.

  4. I’m so glad you will continue Euro Pass. I want to see Sookie recover and be the sassy, self confident woman she should be. And I want to watch Eric fall madly in love with her and Pam become her friend.

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