New In The Dark and a poll…

Tonight we have some new In The Dark and a poll…

In The Dark

Chapter 11: A Life For A Life



Tomorrow’s post is up to y’all and it might not be an easy call for some… since In The Dark is a cliffie.

What’s it gonna be ladies and gent?


18 thoughts on “New In The Dark and a poll…

  1. You are a evil woman. I have been waiting for AIW chapter for so long, but damn it, I want my next ITD too. Bad enough Thank you thank you thank you for the update and the next two days of updates. I was just thinking I hope I wake up tomorrow to see I have an email from you.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates!! I had to vote for AIW, I love that storyline and am so anxious to read more! Although, I love ITD as well, but, one day either way, I can mostly be patient… LOL

    Thank you, you are truly the best!!

  3. As much as I’ve been missing AIW, I have to say I need this last ITD. Sighs…how do you really expect me to choose…evil I tell ya, just evil! 😉

  4. Since you have so so many Beta’s is there any way you could have them working on Dead Tired? Your stories are my ‘go to’ entertainment when I’m bored and i would love to have another crack at DT so please, please, please have them crank some new chapters out or at least re-post it. I remember you writing about posting it somewhere else but my I don’t remember where. ;(

  5. The poll doesn’t like my phone…please count me for in the dark! I love Alcide but it can wait. I’m too invested in the plot of in the dark.with the roll you’ve been on.

  6. I want AIW to be done so that you will start on Life and Death, since I just re-read Saints and Sinners again for probably the 3rd time. Such a great story. Of course, I also REALLy like It can’t be as well. I know with all those little feet you have at your house, there are only so many “free” hours in a day. You just write so wonderfully well.

  7. Voted for ITD. Can’t wait for updates on Europass and Death’s Door…..but will gratefully accept whatever offered. Really enjoying ITD and looking forward to next chappie 🙂

  8. Oh that chapter cap is hot! The best of the Men’s Journal shoot! What a cliffie…it was a tough choice for the next chapter choice. Especially since the next AIW chapter is ane awesome one, too. Thank you for not leaving hanging too long for either.

  9. Baby, I’m voting for “In The Dark”. I’ve waited this long for Alcide, I can wait a little longer. But I wanna know what happens with Sookie, Eric, the kids and her monster/idiot of an ex-husband. Go ITD!

  10. I can’t choose
    You can’t make me
    Ask me which hand to chop off and I would tell you the left.
    FUCK YOU and your impossible choices.
    Just give me both
    I refuse to vote 😛

  11. I got so frazzled at the prospect of choosing I almost had to change my name to Sophie.
    I think if I pick one my head will explode, so I will defer to you to do the right thing 🙂

    I have been waiting patiently for that chapter, actually the
    the story to end so Life and Death can continue.


  13. So I voted for Alcide cuz I’m totally jonesin’, however after I read this chapter I want to take it back… Talk about a cliffy! OMG will we get both soon? I really hope so… Actually I hope and pray for anything that you may dream up in that extremely creative brain of yours so… Just post soon please : )

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