Dead Tired… ‘New’ chapter and translations fixed.

Thanks to the fact that the story is already written and just in need of spring cleaning, the project is moving pretty smoothly…


Non-English conversation in the original story was a pain in the ass for you readers. You were forced to scroooooooooooollllll… I found a fix…

Any Non-English convo is a dead link… hover over (don’t click it) and get it in English right away. 😀


Dead Tired

Chapter 2: The Beginning

Beta magic performed by:

  • Tinacre
  • DotKar
  • CheshireAliCat
  • MyUniverse
  • Mandy
  • SLCurwin
  • Lisa
  • AlisonByNumbers
  • BroughPS

Many thanks as always, ladies!

4 thoughts on “Dead Tired… ‘New’ chapter and translations fixed.

  1. WordPress does it for me… when editing the content, highlight the desired text and instead of entering an actual address, enter the text for both the link and the link’s title…
    I love it.
    It’s definitely better than my complete lack of options that were available on FFnet when i first posted it.

  2. I read your stories by iPhone so the mouse overs don’t work. I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue, but I thought I would bring it to your attention. Not knowing what it says exactly doesn’t take anything away from it though and I love your fix as always. 🙂

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