More ICB…

I actually suffered review withdrawals last night… and I felt guilty for not posting… But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue to progress…

AIW is almost done. It’s proven to be a lot of fun since in chapter 23 of S&S Eric and Alc’s paths never cross. So chap 23 of AIW hes been freeform instead of like synchronized swimming 😀 I’m hoping to post it this weekend, betaGods willing.

Meanwhile is also nearly done. The chap is huge though… already at about 5K and they haven’t left the suite yet :\


It Can’t Be is unstoppable. As you click the link to chapter 7, chapter 8 is already nearly done…

Please forgive. This chapter of ICB is transitional, but serves a purpose.

We’re starting with a flashback again.

It Can’t Be

Chapter 7: A Different Kind Of Tears

**As ever, I want to ‘hear’ what you think about the chapter, but please, be considerate of the feelings of others. The subject matter of ICB has stirred the pot. Feelings have been hurt and toes have been stepped on. I apologize for the remarks left by some if you are one of those upset by them.

3 thoughts on “More ICB…

  1. ICB is a brilliant story and I look forward to the Meanwhile and to AIW updates (especially since you’ve had so much fun with AIW). Thanks!!

  2. Wow its not enough that I’m hooked to the crack known as AIW/S&S/BTD/Meanwhile and now I’ve sunk deeper still with ICB….It’s looking pretty desperate until the next chappie is posted….

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