What would y’all do if I wasn’t going to post this chapter tonight?

Y’all are crazy in the best possible way!

Chapter 4 got more the 100 reviews. I’m pretty sure that Lynn made up bogus screen names to leave legit comments though. 😉

I won’t waste any more of y’alls time. I know your after some Eric/Sookie scenes.

So here it is…

It Can’t Be

Chapter 5: Face Time

I’m just gonna go read the fresh chapter of Collide while I wait for my hatemail to start rolling in.

3 thoughts on “Mwahahahahahah!

  1. Almost 50 in an hour and a half! While you fully deserve it, I’m wishing the deal held…you’ll definitely hit 100 tonight!

  2. You are positively evil. EEEVVVIIILLL!
    That being said, you are a superb writer and I can’t wait for a new chapter.

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