New ICB and FAQ about other stories…

1st and formost…


Just WOW.

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support on the new story!

It seriously warms the cockles.


Since I’m posting a new story, some questions have popped in the comments that need to be addressed.

I hope I remember them all…

  • Will Bored To Death/Meanwhile get a sequel? Yes. BTD will get a sequel. It’ will be called The Dead Of Me and will be starting shortly after Meanwhile finishes up. I don’t have a sequel planned for Meanwhile but a) that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen eventually and b) I have several outtakes planned for that ‘universe’.
  • Is Dead Tired/Dead Sexy/Infinite dead? No. I fully intend to complete porting the Alt POVs (some are already written and trapped on my old hard drive) and Dead Sexy only has a couple of chapters left, but they will eventually get finished.
  • Is Life & Death dead? No. L&D was put on the back burned while I worked through some very uninspiring personal issues in my RL. Alcide In Wonderland will be over in a few chapters and I fully intend to pick up on L&D as soon as it is. I’m still unsure of how to handle Alcide’s POV in L&D, but I am open to suggestions. Bring it on ladies, I want plenty of ideas to chose from…
  • Will The Dating Game continue? Yes and no. The Dating Game was written as a one-shot that ended up being a two-fer… I may add to it, I may not. I actually have two chapters started for that story line that could end up getting posted.


I think that’s it other than your shared rage for what an AssPie the ICB Sookie is being (and how I should kill her).

This chapter is another shortie and it’s continuing the Flashback format… so be forewarned.

Let me know how you like it, because the next chapter is already done…

It Can’t Be

Chapter 3: Ghosts

10 thoughts on “New ICB and FAQ about other stories…

  1. 1. Yay
    2. For those that have been waiting Yay
    3. Yay. I would like to see Thanksgiving and What a Drag. Maybe as a bonus chapter to AIW since you had the bonus to S & S? For an Alcide POV to L & D, maybe with all the babies popping up Alcide and Had might consider a kid. Also maybe all three of their kids adjustment to the pair – not all wonderful. Maybe a predator case involving Had’s guys at work.
    4. Yay if you continue, *sniffle* if you don’t

  2. AssPie…Hmmmm is that a wink wink to miss Anna Paquin’s initials? Cuz we all know her harpy portrayal of TB Sookie is pure AssPie!!

  3. Looking forward to the BTD sequel, The Death of Me, the L&D updates, and pretty much anything that comes from your fertile, humorous and twisted brain.

  4. Thanks so much for updating us on what is happening with some back burner stories…. i have stopped myself several times form writting to you and shamlessly begging for more, even scraps form your table LOL… i will be making time to reread them!


  5. Thanks for the status updates on your stories. Very excited that Dead Tired/Dead Sexy will be completed! Love the new story, I have been remiss on reviewing lately, sorry! My excuse is lame, yours are some of the few stories that will distract me while working out, seriously. I don’t know how you do it but I am happy you do! Thanks.

  6. Ok, so I am loving this story and so excited about the frequent postings, short or not! I had left a previous comment about my interest in the story as a Architect, from the south and I started wondering if you happened to be researching architectural details, etc. for your chapters or maybe you have already have a besis for that knowledge. Either way, I thought I would share, as a alumni from Auburn University School of Architecture (where my husband and I met) that there was a program established during my first years there, by a professor Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee from Mississippi. It was called the “Rural Studio” and is still in practice almost (I can’t believe I am this old) 20 years later. It was originally based in Hale County, one of the poorest, or poorest at the time, in Alabama. The students lived in an old Antebellum house and the projects were design- build, sustainable, cost efficient and built by the students themselves usually for different groups of families or organizations in need. Anyway, he was my thesis advisor, mentor, friend and sadly died 10 years ago of leukemia. He won loads of awards and I thought if you happened to be looking for “road trip fodder” or other interesting architectural facts, relating to the poor upbringings that this Sookie and Eric could relate to, you might want to check it out. If for no other reason, than to see the story of an amazing person. Because clearly, you have too much time on your hands, what with only 5 or so stories in the works and some sequals to plan and write…! Kidding!! 🙂 Keep up the good work , I have my own happy dance when I see an updated chapter alert of yours in my inbox!

  7. Sooo glad Life and Death will be continued- that is the story I am most looking forward to updates on… yay!!! Although I am loving AIW also.. 🙂

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