New Alcide… Come and get it.


2 days worth of fruitless contractions have payed off.

All I could do to not make them wore was sit around on my bed, chilling… that meant writing.

So you get a new chapter

Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 19: She Tried Hard


Quick note on terminology…

At one point in the chapter Had mentions ‘River City’…

‘River City’ is a military term used for unit’s intentional lack of communication with the outside world.  OpSec (operational security) tends to call for it so that troop movements aren’t revealed.

I hope you enjoy it… you certainly waited long enough for it.

4 thoughts on “New Alcide… Come and get it.

  1. Your updates make my day! When are you due? I’m due Dec. 5! I’m so big that I’m going insane as even simple thing like put one shoes is a hassle…. Good luck 🙂

  2. I so needed this update. Thank you. Sorry your contractions didn’t pan out. Have to say never thought I would be happy about emergency c-section, but after hearing everyone talk about days of contractions I’m thinking I might just be glad I missed those.

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