Alcide In Wonderland has landed!

Busy busy busy…
Plus sick (me and two kids)…
Multiply that by the fact that this is THE longest AIW chap to date weighing in at a whopping 13,400 words…
And I’m still sorry I made you wait…
Hope y’all love it…
Alcide In Wonderland
Chapter 14: A Queer Looking Party

7 thoughts on “Alcide In Wonderland has landed!

  1. I hope thre’s something out there that makes you feel as good as I feel when i hear from you.

    Righteous chapter! Alc & Hadley sure get along. I can’t wait to read the lemon colored fireworks they set off.

  2. I don’t mind waiting. Your stories are always worth waiting for. I read all of them, over and over again. Love them all (but the one I love most is “Bored to Death”). Hope you are better now and your boys will get over “teenage condition” soon.


  3. OMG! Love the Alcide Brawny artwork!

    Yeah sick is going around here, as well. I had a nasty sinus infection last weekend and spent most of it sleeping. At least I don’t have kids so I can do that…Hope everyone is feeling better soon in your neck of the woods!

  4. You are always worth the wait, my dear….love AIW! I’m also re-reading Dead Tired and can’t wait for another Bored to Death update –I just love how you do Eric’s “voice”…..

    Stay well!


  5. Take your time…we aren’t going anywhere. Rest (as much as you can) and feel better.
    Christ, I only have one kid, and no significant other, and I can’t find time during the rush rush rush of morning to even make my bed, let alone take care of five and a husband and write like you do on top of everything else you have going on. I’m sure there’s soccer and art club and girl scouts and CCD and all that other bologna.
    Trust me: we are grateful for the frequent feedings of our addictions, but we understand that life might slow you down to mere mortal speeds.

    (I am so looking forward to more Hadley and Alc though. I love the dynamic so far.)

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