I’ve been a lazy girl

Since yesterday afternoon, I’ve been lounging about doing not much of anything…
Attached to my phone as though it was part of my hand…
I’m not avoiding my own stories, I’ve quite honestly been enthralled by
She truly is a talent.
After pimping her collection of hysterical chapters in Fangtasia Stories I was turned on to
Dead or Alive
This story takes the place of DITF in the SVM storyline and I’ve been captivated by it from the first chapter.
It offers so much…
Strong sexy viking who loves Sookie completely while still being a ‘take no shit’ bad ass…
Damaged and stubborn Sookie who finally sees what Eric is to her while holding on to her tenacity…
Witty and fabulous Pam…
Creepy villains and nail biting action…
Not to mention the lemons that, well, are mouthwatering…
The tragedy: this remarkable book 10 do-over for these characters only has 526 reviews.
I want to see her break into the 1000 club with this one…
It is a treasure worth diving into.
Now that my happy little ride is over, I will be rejoining my own characters on their adventure with my fingers crossed to update for you very soon. In the meantime…
This story is wonderful and not only worth a read, but the rave reviews the author deserves.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been a lazy girl

  1. Thank you very much for pimping well deserved stories. I admit I haven’t been straying too far from my subscribed authors and stories for a while. I have heard others singing honeypop’s praises. I look forward to reading her stuff!

  2. Thanks for pimping her stories, I cried from laughing so hard reading Fangtasia Stories, that is one funny fanfiction. I started to read Dead or Alive this morning and was late for work. 😦 Note to self: either get up earlier or wait until you get home. 🙂

    Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to more Alcide in Wonderland. 😀

  3. You are so right about Jo’s stories, but I am glad you are back to writing 🙂

    Mainstreaming is for pussies and Bill runs like a girl he he.

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