I don’t usually do this…

I’m taking a cue from my master pimps @AlisonByNumbers and @Northwomn
Last night while I was taking a rare break from writing I kicked the tires on a new read.
I caught a teaser for chapter 6 of a story that simply had me rolling!
Honeypop is simply brilliant and I’m seriously recommending that you give Fangtasia Stories a try.
It’s all based on conversations that could have happened between our favorite Viking and his snarky child during the canon SVM story line…
I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that my husband and all of my children checked on me because I was laughing so hard.

2 thoughts on “I don’t usually do this…

  1. Ya know, I saw your tweet about this fic last night and I checked out the first chapter this morning. HYSTERICAL!! Thanks for the rec!

  2. How cool, you pimping your pimps 🙂 I love Honeypop, don’t forget to check out her other story too. I’m glad it wasn’t just me that was in hysterics at her Fangtasia stories, she has a great humour.

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