Fan Art

First of all…
Y’all are awesome! The comments and reviews you guys leave make me smile/laugh/blush constantly and my husband blames you all for the ego he’s now married to. (Like I wasn’t bad enough before, hehe)

Some of you already know, I’m having internet issues. *sneezes metrocast blows*
I’ll be trekking up to the library tomorrow to upload new chapters of Bored To Death, The Dating Game and Dead Tired.
If anyone has any True Blood pics, Skarsgard pics or fan art, I’d be uber grateful.

I only ask 2 things…
*If you send fanart, please make sure it’s ‘signed’ or the artist’s name is in the message so they get their credit 8D

*Please don’t send candids. I loathe/detest/spit on paparazzi. I love seeing Askars in his swim suit as much as any other hot blooded girl, but it makes me cringe to see stars get robbed of their personal lives. *climbs down from soapbox*

**send donations to:**

BTW, thanks to all for being so patient! Much love & hugs

8 thoughts on “Fan Art

  1. Hey Chicky….

    Sorry to hear about your internet probs again and i will offer my services to you again!!! You are more than welcome to use my wireless free anytime!! Or, you may even uses my computers, what ever you need…. I’m only in Cheasapeake… you are still in Va Bch, right???

    • You are too awesome! I wish I was still in the HR! I miss Cox!
      We’re stationed in dahlgren again. The co up here sux a lumpy nut 😛
      Its so sweet of u to offer! I’d bring lunch from Ranch Grande or Orapax as payment. Ooh… Doumars! Hehe. I miss home

  2. I love you even more now that I know you are on the same soapbox as me. I dilike to see how they hound poor poeple just trying to eat lunch with friends. I dont subscribe or look at that trash! HUGS:)

  3. Tomorrow can’t get her soon enough! I am prepping tonight for much reading tomorrow!!! LOVE you!

    I have found after reading your stuff that I can’t go back to the mediocre FF any more. I have de-favorite’d so many stories and I may slash and burn some others. Now that I have found your stories, I cannot excuse some of the sophomoric FF that I used to tolerate.

    I can’t express it enough… Thank You!

  4. Hey –when you consider the size of the country, we’re practically neighbors! I live in Reston…..go to Dahlgren on a regular basis for business…..

    Wish your internet service didn’t suck rocks…..I’m addicted to your stories and check a few times a day for updates….not that I’m impatient or anything 🙂 Take it as a testament to your mad writing skills!!


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