In The Dark

AdeleAward**THIS STORY IS IN PROGRESS**sookie  Award[4]

ITD CoverY’all won… October’s skip has been removed from the ‘Outtake’ list and moved onto the ‘Ongoing’ list!

It all starts like a normal weekend in Bon Temps for our BTD Eric, but things quickly get out of hand.

Why wouldn’t they?

Sookie is clueless as to who Eric is, armed, married, VERY pregnant…

What could possibly go wrong when she walks into the house to see Vampire in ‘her’ kitchen?


Chapter 1: In The Dark

Chapter 2: The Lighter Side

Chapter 3: High Handed

Chapter 4: Blitzkrieg

Chapter 5: Splatter

Chapter 6: Hide And Seek

Chapter 7: Happy Pants

Chapter 8: Do Your Worst

Chapter 9: A Special Occasion

Chapter 10: Maggie

Chapter 11: A Life For A Life

Chapter 12: Bête Noire

Chapter 13: Indulgence

Chapter 14: Hot Seat

Chapter 15: Not My Night

Chapter 16: Liftoff

Chapter 17: Merry Fucking Christmas

Chapter 18: Ho Ho Ho

Chapter 19: Intermission

Chapter 20: Oh Ye, Of Little Faith

Chapter 21: End Game

Chapter 22: Priorities

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