Chapter 4: Meeting Mommy Dearest


Meeting Mommy Dearest

Friday Continued…

When Alcide and I walked through the door of Sookie’s house, I was cured of the last remnants of woe already. Maybe it was the lived in feel of the house that I never got living in cookie cutter military housing. Maybe it was the smells of something homemade cooking and warmth from the oven coming from the kitchen. More likely, it was knowing that when I laid eyes on Sookie, she’d have a smile for me. Mmmm.

And there it was. Her smile. It was waiting for me as soon as I walked around the corner. She was sitting at the kitchen table with a laptop.

“Hey honey. How was work?” She stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck. Fuck. How the hell am I supposed to function when I get back to New Orleans now? Fuck.

“Just as marvelous as I expected. How is Rene?” I still hadn’t let her go and wasn’t sure if I would.

“He’s fine. The second he tossed the chair, he regretted it. I took him with me to the grocery store to give him the time to calm down. A bag of Cool Ranch and a SoBe later, he was back to norm. Now kiss me, I have news for you.”

Fuck. She smiled as our mouths met and I pulled her to me. She hadn’t needed to ask twice for a kiss, but I did make her work to end it. She tasted so good. Ungh.


“I made pie for dessert. Lemon meringue with raspberries…”

“Will you be the plate?” Fuck.

I watched her tongue play inside her cheek and she raised an eyebrow at me. “I made an extra to keep here.”  Mmmm… Fuck.

“Was that the news?” The pie was enough for me.

“The news… Right…” She winked at me, and maybe even blushed a little. Ungh. “I got a call on the way to the grocery from my friend,  Arlene.”

“The one that was getting into the whipped cream last night.” The whipped cream that had us both ready to fuck in a room full of people. Ungh. Fuck.

She smiled at me. “One and the same. She’s in mourning for her good friend Maudette. She wanted to know if I would make something for the remembrance the church is having for her. She also mentioned how upsetting it was, since they had just gone out for her birthday together and had so much fun. Maudette recently broke up with her boyfriend and was really flattered when a ‘really sweet’ guy brought her a glass of champagne with a strawberry in it.”

Alcide’s eyes lit up. “No shit!”

“Oh, that’s not all. Arlene and Maudette had a waitress take a picture… Look.”

On the screen in front of us was a close up of three faces. Two redheads and the much more easily identifiable suspect. Dark brown hair and eyes; definitely. Pock marks and straight teeth. Thin mustache and landing strip that hadn’t shown in the other photos. And the same damn gold shirt. This was better than a mug shot and this put him with his hands on the victim.

“Arlene says the guy has a lisp AND a Spanish accent… So you should contact Brazil and Portugal about similar crimes because…”

“Portuguese sounds like there is a lisp.” We smiled at each other and she ran her fingernails up my spine, tickling me just enough that I squirmed against her. She smirked at me and raised an eyebrow. FUCK!

“And he’s too ‘good’ at this, to set in his ways to be a virgin… Anyway, Arlene gave me her facebook and email info, so I opened that for you to dig through…” She took her arms away from my back and took my hand. “In the meantime, I need some help getting ready.”

On our way down the hall, Alcide yelled after us. “Just shut the fucking door this time!”

She’d taken her shirt off before the door was closed and went straight for the bathroom. I watched as she put a foot on the counter to start untying one shoe, then the other. She toed them off and eyed my reflection in the mirror as she slowly pushed her jeans down her hips. Ungh. Fuck. She giggled a little when she turned around and pulled my shirt off of me then licked my nipples, blowing cool air over each one. As her teeth and tongue trailed down, her hands opened my belt and pants and once she was on her knees she started untying my boots, nibbling at my thighs through my pants. Oh fuck. She lifted each of my feet to take my boots and then peeled my jeans down my legs. And without warning, my cock disappeared into her mouth. Fuck! My hands went to her head when my knees buckled. She pulled back slowly, scraping her teeth and swirling her tongue as she got closer and closer to the end. With nothing left but the tip between her sweet lips, she looked up at me and I smiled down at her, then she stabbed herself onto me again. Pushing and rooting her mouth further and further, burying me. My knees tried to buckle again when her fingers started to tickle the back of my legs. Ungh. God. Fucking. Help. Me.

I was already out of breath by the time she stood up and pulled me down to kiss her. My mouth crashed into hers and I backed her up to the counter. Her arm went over my shoulder as she wrapped her legs around me. She grabbed my dick and lined me up, grazing her clit with the head and making herself twitch. Mmm. Fuck. Her eyes were locked on mine when I shoved into her she released a moan so primal, I could have come from the sound of it alone. Fuck. She locked her ankles behind my back and leaned against the wall, bucking and clenching. Oh Shit. Behind a closed door, we groaned and growled. Pumping, sweating. Oh. my. god. She tastes so fucking good. Her moaning started to shake and her hips started to jerk. Fuck. She started to tighten and twitch around my cock when she came and damn if she didn’t take me with her.

Still panting, covered in sweat, wanting more, I bent over her and kissed her until she stood up and pulled me into the shower. I stood with her, watching her; stalking her at close range. The water flowed over her perfect body in sheets and she gave me the occasional smile from under the cascade. She washed her hair, then scrubbed herself with almond and honey body wash from top to bottom. It was like watching a miracle. I couldn’t have pried my eyes away for anything. ungh.

After she rinsed, she gave me a look and giggled. “I guess I should get out of here so you can finish. You’re a little distracted.”

Busted. “It’s your fault.”

“Of course it is.” She stretched up and kissed me before she disappeared. When the bathroom door closed behind her, I missed her again.

As I dried off, I could hear Sookie and Alcide talking in the bedroom and I was jealous of the bastard. Fuck me. I am done for. When I opened the door, I was shocked, to say the least, to see Sookie still wrapped in a towel and standing at her closet casually searching for something to wear. My clothes were at the end of the bed waiting for me and while I pulled my jeans up under my towel, I watched Sookie pull a black pair of dickies, a white t-shirt and a pair of plaid chucks.

“Sookie, are you dressing like that just to get a rise out of your mother?”

She giggled. “No. I dress like this because it’s comfy. Bras and heels and dresses all week long; weekends are for going commando and dressing for comfort… The nipple rings ARE going in just to piss of Sheila.” Oh. Fuck. Nipple rings. God. Help. Me.

Mmm. “You realize that your mother isn’t the only one that’ll be distracted by them, right.” Fuckfuckfuckfuck. We just got done fucking and I wanted her again.

“Oh, you’ll do just fine. I believe in you. You’ll get to play with them later.”

She pulled her pants up under her towel, giving me a glimpse of her ass and then sat down to pull on a pair of argyle socks and her shoes. I couldn’t help myself from following her to the bathroom to watch her finish getting ready. I watched her put the curved barbells through each nipple then pull her short, snug t-shirt on over her perfect tits. To me the act of covering them was criminal.

When she was done with her makeup she went to the kitchen and took the pie out of the fridge and handed it to me. It smelled like Sookie had tasted when she kissed me earlier. Fuck.

She whistled and slapped her thigh when she got to the front door and called Alcide like a dog. I wasn’t sure if I was laughing at the joke or her hopes that he’d respond, but sure enough, that asshole came out of her bedroom with a smile on his face. Amelia would be less than happy to see him be so agreeable with Sookie when all he does with his own wife is bark. I could tell he wasn’t flirting. I’d seen his ‘flirt’ before and it was grotesque. This was weird. Even when it’s just the two of us, two guys hanging out he isn’t this… relaxed. Maybe, it wasn’t just me. Maybe Sookie was just disarming in general. She might survive a visit with my father after all.

Pulling up to her parents’ house, I felt like I’d have been able to spot it from a mile away, knowing what I know about her after our talk today. The house wasn’t anything remarkable. The house was a large, but simple 2 story structure; on a slab with dark wood shingled siding it had two large picture windows in the front, but the rest of the windows were modest. It was well kept; the yard was immaculate, as you would expect since they own a landscaping company. The grass was still so healthy that without the chill in the air, you’d think it was late spring instead of the beginning of November.

What made the house stand out, in my mind, was the garage. It was detached and easily big enough for 4 cars and seemed to have an apartment upstairs. One of the doors was open and sitting inside was a row of motorcycles, all old, all shining like they had just rolled off the assembly line. The same could be said about the collection of cars in the driveway. A bright orange Gran Torino with white racing stripes. A seafoam pickup easily from the 40s and complete with a pinup on each door. A candy apple red ’67 Mustang convertible. A black Mach I with a polish good enough for me to see myself. Every one of them were in showroom condition. Knowing that Sookie drove a Galaxie and a Roadster, left no doubt in my mind that I’d have pegged this house for her childhood home.

I hadn’t realized that I was drooling over her family’s cars until she grabbed my hand. “Boys! Snap out of it.” I looked over at Alcide and his mouth was hanging open too. “Grampa owned the dealership and service station in town so working in the garage was Daddy’s first job. He worked there until he started the landscaping business. He didn’t pay more than $100 for any of these. He completely rebuilt them himself and every one of them run like a raped date. The truck was his first and hasn’t been out of commission a single day he’s had it.”

“My dick is hard.” Nice. She thought Alcide could behave. He’s already being an asshole and we aren’t even on the porch yet.

She laughed at him though. “Tell me about it. Would you like a minute alone?”

He snorted and nodded at the Mach I. “No. That bitch is a cock tease. She thinks she’s too good for me.”

“The Torino is a whore though. She’ll warm up to you quick.” She reached up and slapped his shoulder and he was laughing as we started for the house.

Sookie opened the door and led us through. The immaculate rooms in the front of the house was deserted so she towed me to the kitchen and put the pie in the fridge, pulling out 4 beers and then leading the way out to the deck. As soon as the door slid open the man hovering over the grill spun around and grabbed her for a hug.

He looked like he was our age, not much taller than Sookie but had the same blond hair and blue eyes. He was built like an athlete and had a much heavier accent than Sookie.

“Hey Sook!”

“Hey Jas. How you feeling?”

“I’m fucking pissed. I ain’t been sick in years and the first time since the chicken pox, I not only miss Halloween, but one hell of a party. I saw the pictures. You oughta rent one of those Sumo suits for Tara next year.”

“Oh, Eric came up with something that’ll work even better…”

Jason stared up at me while Sookie introduced us and then started chuckling. “Fucking hell, Sook. You look like a single wide and a skyscraper together.”

“Thanks brother. Where are the parentals?”

I watched his eyes shift back and forth between the three of us before he cleared his throat to answer. “They’re in the bedroom sparring.”


“Your mother is being a twat about meeting your guy. Daddy is trying to calibrate the bitch out of her.”

“Your mother asshole… She have a particular topic to be a cunt about or is it that she didn’t hand pick Eric?” This was wonderful. Neither of the woman’s children have any respect for her and I just heard a grown man call his father ‘Daddy’. This was going to be an evening to remember.

“General Cunt-nation. Bill being the chunk. It’s all your fault he cheated. Probably a punk loser…Even if he’s acceptable, you’ll just fuck this up too… blahblahblah.” Holy shit.

Sookie started laughing. “She should do us all a favor and just fuck Bill. If ever a woman needed a beating- she’d be the one.” Jason laughed but Alcide and I were both, ok I admit it, we were observing. I really didn’t like the fucking/beating segue. At all. “Tara not coming?”

“No. I called her to invite her and she wanted no part of it. She said that she managed to ignore Sheila’s meanness growing up, her and Sam want no part of hurting Daddy by fighting with her. She told me I’d like him though. Plus she’s ovulating.”

“Hey, that’s as good an excuse as any. To babies.” They clinked their bottles together with a smile. “Since Daddy left you high and dry, you need any help?”

“Nah, squash is on, spuds are mashed. What d’you bring for dessert?”

“Lemon meringue with raspberry.” When Jason started laughing Sookie looked over at me. “Sheila hates raspberries, but the 3 of us love them.”

I watched her vault over the railing and start walking across the yard and to a big tree close to the house. She started climbing it like an acrobat and then walked out onto a branch to knock on the window. A man pulled up the blinds and a wide smile replaced the scowl that had been there just before. He opened the window and greeted her with a kiss on the forehead while her mother griped behind him.

“OH! NICE! SHE’S CLIMBING TREES! NOW THAT’S LADYLIKE!!! I’M NOT SURE I WANT TO MEET ANYONE WHO’D THINK THAT’S APPROPRIATE!” I couldn’t think of anything more entertaining at the moment, neither could Jason or Alcide for that matter. Jason muttered under his breath about her being the one to drag Sookie, kicking and screaming to gymnastics.

As her father lightheartedly climbed out the window, Sookie started firing back at her mother. “Sheila, I keep telling you that you can buy tampons without sand on them! Now shut your spiteful cock dock so I can enjoy my visit with Daddy. I could give two shits if you meet Eric! Fucking borderline bitch! You’d probably scare him off anyway.” Oh shit! If Jason and Alcide weren’t laughing their asses off, I would have tried holding it in but it was pointless. The woman came to the window just long enough to slam it shut and drop the blinds.

I watched Sookie and her father both, swing like monkeys from the thick branch and land like Olympians. I had known that Sookie had taken gymnastics, and now I have to assume that along with everything else, her father coached her. They both laughed as he gave her a piggy back ride back onto the deck and she was still attached to him like a backpack as she introduced us. This guy was almost 6 feet tall and his son could be a smaller clone of him. Blond, blue eyed, very muscular. My first impression of this man was that he was exactly where Sookie got ALL of her people skills. He had a friendly smile, firm handshake and a way about him that just made you feel welcome. I already liked him more than my own father.

When Jason announced that the steaks were done, we headed inside and Alcide and I were instructed to fix our plates while Sookie, Jason and Corbett took the salad and fixings to the dining room. Her father and brother had made some kind of stewed squash that looked like shit but smelled amazing and the mashed potatoes were made with sour cream and chives. The dilemma was that with a pound of porterhouse on the plate, there was barely any room for the sides. Alcide’s answer was to create a shameless monument to calories and I watched Sookie pile almost as much food on her plate so I gave up my own modesty.

I was interviewed in the most friendly way I could have imagined by her father and brother. They never asked how we met or any other questions about us as a couple. They just wanted to ‘play catch up’, as Corbett put it. I wasn’t even done with my salad before the questions were pretty much over. It was comfortable and easy. The only mention of the case that was made was in passing. Corbett had talked to his fishing partner, Bud, today and already knew that I was with the FBI, so that had already been taken care of. Jason and Corbett seemed to be just as at peace with me as I was with them. I have to admit, since I’d never been serious about any other girl, I’d been dreading my first ‘meet the parents’ session. This was much better than I could have hoped.

Sookie smiled at me and patted my leg before she got up to get dessert and while she was gone, her mother appeared in the archway to the foyer. “You know she’s damaged goods, right?” She’d said it quietly and as evenly as any greeting.

I looked up at her and for a split second couldn’t imagine what she was talking about. She’d been married. I would have to be an idiot to think she was a fucking virgin, even if I was out-of-date enough to give a shit. What a bitch.

I looked over to her father when he slammed his fist into the table.  “Bitch, you’ve given me a lot of reasons over the years, don’t think for a second that one more won’t be THE LAST straw. Get the fuck out of here.”

“She had it coming. She had no business going off to school when she had a man willing to take care of her.”

Sookie’s father stood up fast enough to knock over his chair and Jason was a blur as he put himself between them. “That’s it! You’ve gone too far!”

“It was just as much your fault as it was hers. You always encouraged her willfulness! Getting raped didn’t even teach her a lesson! Genius my ass!” RAPED!?

This was a train wreck and I hadn’t noticed that Sookie had come into room until she spoke. “I’m smart enough to keep my mouth shut about shit that isn’t any of my fucking business you worthless cow.”

“How isn’t it any of my business? Now you found some fool who’ll let you keep working with those creepy punks. Let me guess. You found him in New Orleans while you were working on those silly little books.”

Jason had taken his mother by the arm and started trying to pull her to another part of the house while Corbett spat his defense. “Those kids need someone like her to give a shit and those ‘little books’ got her a Newberry Award. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?! Since no one has ever needed you for anything but a womb and you’ve never done anything to deserve any special attention! It’s pathetic that you can’t be happy for your own daughter!”

“Daddy, sit down before you give yourself a heart attack. I already warned Eric and Alcide that she was a bitch. Let her get it out now and get it over with.” Sookie, calmly walked over to her seat and started slicing the pie and serving it. Her father calmed down enough to do as Sookie asked and picked up his chair, apologizing for his temper. I nodded at him, but was wondering when he’d be canonized. Anyone who could put up with this woman for 30 plus years had to be a saint. He could consider Sookie one of his miracles.

Jason went back to his chair and started stabbing his pie when his mother sat down at the other end of the long table. Alcide and I were at a loss and started to eat our pie quietly while Sheila glared at us, arms folded and I could see the wheels turning as she planned her next blow.

“What’s wrong with Bill?”

“I never liked him. He’s pretentious and controlling. He’s humorless and dim and there isn’t a sexy thing about him. His financial potential was what flicked your clit, not mine.” Fucking hell! Hello honesty, nice to meet you. God help me, I laughed and Alcide had my back, he nearly choked. Her father backed her up with a proud smile.

“You could have grown to love him. You pushed him at Lorena.” Shit. I wanted to hit her at this point.

“I didn’t leave him for cheating. Hell, who wouldn’t find a mistress when your wife throws up every time you have sex. I left him for lying. You need to realize that Bill the Great was a manipulating asshole. I wasted a few years with him, but Lorena paid a price that can’t be made up. If you want to have sympathy for someone, have it for her, not Bill.”

“So did you really get raped or did you orchestrate it all hoping Bill wouldn’t want you anymore?”

Sookie’s father was so upset, his jaw was trembling as Sookie’s hand went to his forearm. He poorly forced calm into his voice. “I’m pretty sure she answered you when you asked her over the phone while she was still in the hospital. You would know for sure if you had bothered going to Nashville with me when it happened.” What a fucking bitch. How the fuck is Sookie even remotely social with this woman as her wellspring?

Jason had reached his breaking point and stood to excuse himself. He stomped away muttering about a shovel and a bag of lye.

Her mother continued by claiming she could have broken her ribs and given herself the concussion by throwing herself down the stairs so Sookie finished her pie and then gave her father a kiss on the cheek, thanking him for dinner and walked away with Alcide and me on her heels.

As we walked to the car, she turned and walked backwards a few steps. “Sorry about that. I’ve never seen her be that bad.”

Alcide chuckled. “The food was great and I figured out how you can put up with me. It wasn’t a total wash.” She giggled.

She looked over her shoulder at me. “Stop it right now. You stink of pity.”

I couldn’t help it. Growing up in the house with a woman who’d blame you for your own rape kind of earns you some pity whether you want it or not. All I could do is shake my head.

“I bet you’re not as worried about me meeting your old man now, huh?”

I faked a smile. “No, you’ll handle him just fine.” If she could be carrying a gun and take what she just did from her own mother and not open fire, she would have no trouble at all listening to my father bitch about liberals and cigarette taxes.

I wanted to talk to her. The whole way back to her house, I wanted to ask about what happened. But Alcide was in the car. It was eating me alive. I didn’t understand how she could be so open and trusting after having been raised by that woman AND raped. Sookie is extroverted and friendly. The woman I met tonight hadn’t rubbed off on her daughter at all. After just a few minutes with her father, I could see many of Sookie’s personality traits in him. Her frankness and ease around new people. They both had the same deep sense of humor. Her mother though, she was the x-factor. The threesome of Stackhouses that ate and joked and socialized with Alcide and I like we were already part of the family, didn’t seem to have been effected by the hateful woman that crashed the party. She walked into the room as soon as Sookie walked out, so I’m sure she’d been eavesdropping. Her every word was oozing with cold distain and hubris. Her every word was meant to hurt and embarrass Sookie.

I registered that there had been a conversation going without me. Alcide decided to cover my quiet by asking if Sookie knew what marinade her Dad had used and then moved on to talking about the squash after being told that the secret included stout and coke. He went as far to tell Sookie that Amelia would probably like the recipe for the pie she made because it was so good she could probably make a pie lover out of him. And now he’s being complimentary? Fuck. Maybe, I died driving down here and I’m in limbo or something.

Sookie pulled to a stop and took the keys out of the ignition. She turned and handed them to Alcide. “Give us a minute?”

He took the keys from her and patted my shoulder. “Sure, but hurry up. We have work to do.” I saw him wink at her in the rearview. Asshole. He doesn’t get to help handle me.

Once he was out of sight, Sookie turned and looked at me. “Ok. You get 5 minutes. Ask away.”

“You thought to tell me that you get sparklers instead of candles and glossed over being raped. Why?”

“I don’t think about it.”

“Bullshit. I talk to a rape victim at least once a week.”

“Then you should talk to my brother and father. It affected them more than it did me.”

Again, bullshit. “How is that?”

She looked at me and shook her head slightly. “My freshman year at school… I had just gotten back from being home for Thanksgiving. I was working at a coffee shop and I took a bag of trash to the dumpster one night and then the lights went out. My roommate worked there too and he found me and took me to the hospital. Daddy and Jason took turns with Lafayette sitting with me until I woke up 3 days later with a few broken ribs, a broken wrist and a massive headache. I don’t remember any of it. If they hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t know.” She raised her eyebrows at me. “I only ever think of it when my mother throws it up in my face.”

“That’s why your father had such a strong reaction and you were stone faced.”

She nodded.

“You called your mother ‘borderline’.”

“Psych 101. Planet Sheila: We are all but satellites in her orbit. Nothing happens because of her, it happens TO her. She’s infallible and unyielding. And I am very sorry. I was serious when I said I’d never seen her be THAT BAD.”

“Don’t apologize. I’m just trying to figure out how you were raised in the same area code and can still be so normal.”

She laughed. “Normal?”

I smiled at her. “You know what I mean.”

She leaned forward and kissed me. “I have my dad to thank for that. He made up for everything she lacked… He really liked you, by the way.”

“I liked him too. He’s fun. You’re a lot like him. Maybe next time we get together, they can come over here.”

“You’re not scared off yet?”

“Hell no. The perks are too big for your mother to scare me off.”

“Well then, I suppose you and Alcide will need a few minutes?”


“So you can tell him you’re putting in for a transfer.”

Fuck. I hadn’t thought of that. He’s going to be pissed about having to break in a new partner. Wait. “Transfer? You’ve already thought about it?”

She raised her eyebrow at me. “You said that moving wasn’t a big deal for you. So if you’re serious and you aren’t sick of me and all of my issues by Christmas, I’d be an idiot to say no.”

“So you want me to move in?”

“Unless you’d rather get an apartment to hedge your bets.” Fuck that. I grabbed her face and pulled it to mine. I couldn’t explain why I was so happy if I had a gun to my head, but fuck it. This woman seemed perfect from the second I laid eyes on her and the more I learned about her, the more she amazed me. The shit she’d been through might scare some men off, but it just impressed me. Maybe seeing so many shattered souls has made me appreciate how solid she was. At the moment however, she was climbing over and straddling my lap and her tongue was in my mouth. The rest of the world didn’t exist.

Her hand moved down to the lever and let the seat fall back. She hovered over me. Sookie braced herself with one arm and started opening my pants and I reached up and did the same. I groaned into her mouth when she grabbed me and started pulling and stroking my cock. I reached into her pants and found hotwetwanting. OH FUCK! I pushed my fingers in and she whimpered into the kiss and started moving her hips with and against my hand. We ran out of breath and her mouth moved from mine to my neck scraping her teeth as she went, and making me fucking crazy. We were both so close to coming that we could taste it in the air and someone knocked on the window right by Sookie’s head.

“FUCK!!! Mother fucker, you’re done!”

“It’s not Herveaux, Northman.” Oh fuck. I know that that creepy calm voice.

Sookie sat up slightly and whispered. “pam?” I nodded and she sat up to let me try to shove my dick back into my pants and close them. Fuck. fuck. fuck. shit!

“Fucking shoot me now.”

“Can’t do it. My gun fell into my pants leg.” I couldn’t fight chuckling at her as I watched her reach in and pull it out and start straightening herself. “You ready to get out?”

I sat up and kissed her again. “If we don’t get out now, I might not ever let you out.”

As Sookie emerged, I heard Pam start. “Sookie Stackhouse?” Her voice was like syrup. It was faked, of course.

“Pam Ravenscroft? Nice to meet you.”

“Special Agent in Charge, Pamela Ravenscroft.” Oh shit. She’s posturing all ready.

I saw the look on Pam’s face as I climbed out behind Sookie. “Tell you what, you’ll call me Sookie and I’ll call you Pam. Unless you want to refer to me as History and Government Teacher, Sookie Stackhouse.”

Pam’s smile wasn’t ever pleasant. It usually meant that she’d swallowed someone’s soul, but she smiled at Sookie nonetheless. “I like you already.”

I watched Sookie put her hand to Pam’s chin and hold it to inspect her face. “With the way the boys described you like Renfield would explain Dracula; I pictured horns or fangs or bolts on your neck, something. But, you… you’re fucking beautiful. Hard and soft at the same time.”

The look on Pam’s face was priceless. “Northman, I was prepared to ask you what you see in a school teacher from the sticks, but I think I already know.”

I nodded with a stifled smile and Sookie took her hand and started to lead her into the house. She paused at the door. “You don’t need an invitation do you?”

I couldn’t hear my thoughts over the sound of Pam’s laughter. That stoic bitch actually thought it was funny.

Alcide nearly shit himself when Sookie walked into the kitchen holding hands with Pam. “Can I get you a drink Pam?”

“Cuba Libre?” Fuck. She’s being an uppity bitch.

“Coming right up… Boys? Want anything?” I watched her go to the cabinet over the microwave and start pulling out bottles then to the fridge. She even zested a lime for my surly boss. She served us all then grabbed herself a beer, kissing my cheek on her way out. “I’m going to get comfy and get into the iso-booth. Lemme know if you need anything.”

Pam watched Sookie leave just like Alcide had the night before. “Iso-booth?”

“She goes to the bedroom and works with her ear buds in so she can’t overhear anything. What brings you all the way out here?”

“I have news that probably isn’t going to make you any happier than it made me…  Shreveport’s field office doesn’t have a PTF, as you know. Well, now that The Vampire is working so far north, part of the New Orleans PTF is being transferred north. I am definitely going. And I make the order on who goes with me.” Wow.

“I’m volunteering.” I didn’t blink. I did feel a little shitty about jumping on it before warning Alcide. “I was going to be putting in for a transfer on Tuesday anyway.”

Alcide looked like I shot him. “To get away from me?” Pam poked her lip out at him and faked a sad face. Bitch.

“No. To stay with Sookie. 350 miles makes things a little difficult.” He looked less wounded.

He looked at Pam. “Fine. Then you got me too. Who else volunteered?”

“No one. I was told that I could bring two and you are my first choice. This case is the primary reason for the shift and you two know it better than anyone.”

Alcide snorted. “Not because you like us or anything.”

“Of course not.”

I spent the next hour bringing Pam up to speed while Alcide went outside and called Amelia to let her know about being transferred. Eventually Sookie came around the corner wearing a white wife beater and a pair of grey yoga shorts, and of course her skull candy. She smiled as she slid behind me to get another beer and a bag of Hot Fries. When she tried to get by me again, I pulled her into my lap. She giggled when I pulled her ear buds out.

“Pam came with news.”

“Is it any of my business?” I saw from the corner of eye that Pam smiled at Sookie’s understanding of disclosure. But now that Sookie had her hearing back, she could hear Alcide yelling in the yard. “Again?”

“Well, it’s about the news and yes, it is your business. Shreveport is getting its own PTF… US.”

She smiled and grabbed my face for a big kiss. “Oh shit! Amelia’s freaking out about moving? When is it official?”

“She doesn’t seem to be happy about it. The transfer is effective immediately.”

“Did the asshole think of how to approach her or did he just jump on the phone with her to tell her that on top of not having a shitload of faith in him at the moment, she has to turn her life upside down and pull the kids out of school in the middle of the year to follow him into the abyss that is Shreveport.”

Pam and I both laughed. “Do you have any ideas on how to handle her?”

She smiled and kissed my neck as she got up and ran outside. Within minutes, Sookie and Alcide were walking back in. Alcide had his arm over her shoulder and a huge smile on his face. “This bitch just handled my wife into being excited to move in under 5 minutes.”

Pam and I sat completely gob smacked. “How did you do that?”

“I told her that I was looking forward to meeting her and being friends and that you and me would watch the kids so that they could go house hunting…”

Alcide rolled his eyes and finished for her. “…She told her that she knows the 3rd grade teacher and her brother- in- law is a real estate agent and that she was excited to show her around. Sookie talked her into wanting to find a place in Bon Temps.”

Sookie put her hands up. “Ok, ok, ok… Y’all are distracting me from why I came out of my hiding place… Victor Madden.”

It took me a second to switch gears. “One of the men working for Stackhouse Landscaping?”

She nodded. “He’s been working there for about a year. He lives out on the highway in a small apartment complex. I checked the history and he checked his bank account, paid his cell phone bill and then sent the email. Then there isn’t anything in the history for over an hour. It wasn’t a cut and paste. I pulled the keystroke log and he hand typed it. So if you ladies are done with your tea party, you have work to do.”

Pam started smiling and stood up to take Sookie’s hand. “Sookie, why don’t you show me while they powder their noses.”

Alcide watched them walk down the hall and then all but pinned me to the fridge while I was grabbing drinks for everyone. “How the fuck does she do that? I’ve never seen Pam smile when there wasn’t a body in the room!?”

“I don’t know Alc. She’s just one of those people that can get along with anyone to an extent.”

“Except for her mother. That bitch was like Medusa on the rag. She makes Pam look like a roofied Care Bear.”

“Thank God I’m not marrying her mother.”

The asshole started laughing, and I knew what was coming. “No. You’re marrying her father.”

When we got back to the bedroom, Pam was practically sitting in Sookie’s lap at the desk. She was perched on the arm and leaning over to brace herself against the other arm. They were speaking in hushed tones while Sookie’s fingers sped over keyboard.

Pam turned around and greeted us with a raised eyebrow. She was impressed, but couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud.

I smiled at her and shook my head. “What’d you find, Sookie?”

“He paid his cell phone bill. The Vampire probably wouldn’t have made contact over the phone, but it’s worth ruling it out.”

“The list of phone numbers could take days to go through.”

“Out of the 200 some odd calls he made, most of them are to a local named Holly Cleary. I’m gonna guess she’s the girlfriend since the numbers are coming and going and long calls late at night. Several were to the shop and his foreman. That leaves 37 different phone numbers. 6 of them are takeout places. I’m half way done with the 31 numbers left.”

Pam was beaming. “She’s like a one woman computer forensics department. Where did you find her?”

Sookie smiled up at me. Mmmm. Fuck. “I found her trick or treating.” I couldn’t help myself.

Sookie and I chuckled at our inside joke as Pam got up to go get her laptop from her car. Once she was gone, I leaned over and kissed down the side of Sookie’s neck. She leaned into me and hummed. “Isn’t this a little counterproductive, if not masochistic?”

“Sure it is.”

“When are you going back to New Orleans to get your things? And Tippy?”

“Can you go with me on Sunday? I’m just going to get my clothes and my computers. I’ll have movers take care of the rest.”

“I just so happen to be free on Sunday.” She opened a drawer and reached in to pull out a laptop, handing it to me. “In the meantime you can use this.” She grabbed her mouse and keyboard and took it to the bed to get comfortable. She put her glasses on, took a swig of her drink and went right back to work on the trail that led to a dead end disposable phone under the name of Jonathan Smith. At least it had been exhausted for us.

Alcide and I went to work digging through Maudette Pickens’s emails and facebook. Pam went through every bit of Sookie’s research and forwarded it all to the director with a copy of the letter that idiot Twining sent her. Alcide and Pam decided to go interview Arlene in the morning without me, since she already knew me as Sookie’s fiancé. Alcide growled at me for getting to sleep in. It was nearly 2 am before we realized it so Sookie offered to let Pam stay in the room upstairs instead of facing the long, boring drive to Shreveport.

Sookie got up with a smile and grabbed fresh bedding and headed upstairs to help settle Pam in. Alcide and I shared more than a few looks when we heard them laughing and talking from so far away.

Alcide started laughing. “Who is she and what did she do with our boss?”

“No shit! I can’t believe she’s being… nice. It’s disturbing.”

When Sookie walked into the room, she had a huge smile on her face. “I really like her. She’s funny.”

Alcide and I shared another look, silently realizing that if Sookie can like Pam, then her mother must be one of the beasts of legend and lore.  I watched her cross the room grab her mouse. She cued up her music file, then favorites and hit the button to ‘play all’. She turned the volume up.

She whistled at him as Blue Orchid started. “Herveaux, do you have an iPod with you?”

“Yeah, why?”

She smiled at him. “Because I don’t mind having company, but I mind trying to be quiet. Shut the door on your way out.”

It took him a second for it to click, but when it did, he nearly tripped over himself to get out of the room. And then we were alone.

Sookie slinked over to the bed, turning off lights and peeling off her clothes with the sexiest smirk I had ever seen. She stepped onto the bed and walked over to me and squatted over me, pulling my shirt off over my head and then pushing me back. She stood up, only to bend over again to pull my belt out of the loops. Oh. Shit. This was too much. The only light in the room was coming from the screen from her music player and the colors were dancing across the room and her perfect body. FUCK. She opened my pants and started pulling them down. She flung them across the room and sat on my legs, resting her elbows on her knees. She asked me what I was in the mood for and bit her bottom lip. Ungh. I couldn’t answer her. I had more than one answer. Fuck. I sat up and grabbed the back of her neck to bring our faces together. Fuck. Her kisses. FUCK. I couldn’t keep myself from appreciating her nipples. Barbells and all. FUCK! Ungh. The longer I licked and nipped, the louder she got. Mmm. I laid us over on the bed and moved down to taste the heaven between her legs. Swollen. Hot. Ready. Her small hands were fisted into my hair. Her hips moved on their own. She was grunting and moaning so loud the music couldn’t camouflage her. Fuck. I didn’t care. Sweet and Perfect. That matters. She was trembling and every nibble on my way back to her sweet mouth made her jerk. Ungh. She was panting and her eyes were filled with tears when she met me with a smile. My hand was still pushing her. Her jaw was shaking. Chest heaving. Legs twitching. FUCKFUCKFUCK.

Every shove pushed her volume. She was trembling under me. Nearly vibrating. Ungh. She throbbed around my cock. She pulled her knees back, letting me go deeper. Fuck. Her nails dug into my wrists every time she came. Mmm. Shit. She’d been almost yelling when her face changed and she went quiet. Her back arched and her whole body tensed. Those sweet little muscles grabbed me violently. FUCK. I tasted my own blood, biting back my growling. I was seeing spots when I came and I nearly crushed her falling to the bed.

Our hands found each other while we caught our breath. She recovered first and rolled over, wrapping a leg around mine. “I would have missed you if you had needed to go back.”

Fuck. “Really?”

She giggled. “Why not? You’re fun to talk to, you’re sexy as hell and you get me.”

I rolled over to face her, stacking our legs. “You don’t feel like we’re moving too fast? We’ve known each other for just over a day and we’re moving in together.”

She thought about it for a minute, her face betrayed nothing going on in her pretty little head. “I can’t help but THINK we’re moving too fast, but it FEELS right. Does that make sense?”

I smiled at her. “Perfect sense.” I inched forward to kiss her and her hand went to the side of my neck and held me to the kiss, starting what turned out to be one hell of a marathon.




4 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Meeting Mommy Dearest

  1. I can’t help but wonder why she’d have even contemplated having a child with Bill; I understand that she grew up okay with one good parent and one sh-t parent, but I can’t imagine trying when you don’t even like your spouse and know he’ll be a crap father figure and role model. I’m basing this on the fact that she didn’t want to marry him at all and said he was manipulative and controlling. Eh.

    I really like the rest of her family; and I’m liking that you made Jason a good big brother right from the start.

  2. Damn than man is Sexy.

    I think every woman in the world could handle having such a fine specimen in their life…and bed.

    You have changed the story from CH’s version, but you keep the characters intriguing and fun, and get rid of all the boring crap that kind of befell CH. This is my Favorite AH story ever.

  3. Her wanting to have Bills child is really weird and it will take another few chaptes to revel the reason. But still, doesn’t she know how that would have tied her to Bill for another 18 to 20 years when she so dislikes him? Right now her saying she spent 4 yrs trying to get pregnant doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Ch 4: OK since I’ve reading off line and typing my review as I go, you’re going to get my rambling as I go method. OMG the Chapter title and pic is hilarious. Aww poor Arlene. Damn Sookie is smart as hell. (ok shower sex; assuming the condoms are still in play?) ROFL for pissing off mom with nipple rings. Hee hee for torturing Sheila with the raspberries. OMG Loved her tree rant. Why oh Why does Daddy not kick her arse to the curb? Dear Lord, set up a tape recorder. No divorce judge would hesitate at signing off at giving that bitch nothing. Ah well. Eeek Pam is here. OMG I snorted Pepsi after the “roofied care bear” comment. Me thinks Twining wont be having a job much longer, or if he does it will be in Antarctica. Yummy lemon time.

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