Happy Monday!

tumblr_m799iwLVHi1qzj4mzo1_500I’ve been busybusybusy trying to get some writing done…

Last week there was a lot of excitement going on, what with my WP site reaching 3,000,000 views and the BratPack welcoming its 400th Brat, I’m surprised I got as much accomplished as I did.

Not only have I posted a new chapter of Rubbernecking this week, but I’ve been struggling with Like A Rock…

Like A Rock was originally supposed to be a One-Shot, but as I worked on it, I realized there was no way I could cram their story into one chapter and do it justice. So after talking with Team Beta, I’m extending it. What was once a One-Shot is now planned as a Shortie.

I’m currently trying to finish other chapters. So I’m hoping the migraine I’ve had for 6 days now, will back the fuck off so I can play.

Hope y’all enjoy…



Chapter 22: It Feels So Right


Like A Rock

Chapter 1: Just A Demo


P.S. Brats, since y’all got this email, but you’ve already read the chapters, there’s a little something on the Teasers page to help with your twitching. I’m hoping to have the next chapter of Like A Rock off to Betas some time today.