And the shit-storm rages on…

I guess I’m finally going to have to say something about this shit…

This is complete bullshit and it needs to stop.

The recent ‘drama’ between MoxieMo and I, has been blown completely out of proportion.

The last time I checked, everyone has the right to have an opinion. And I DO, in fact, agree with her core position…

Selling fanfiction IS wrong. Selling fanfiction IS criminal.

I don’t think anyone would argue otherwise, but since the misguided belief that I was doing just that is the cause for the ongoing debate, tempers have flared.

The unarguable position that selling fanfiction is immoral is  (I believe) why MoxieMo contacted me when she saw that I’d added the donation button to

As soon as I read her message, I removed it… One person misunderstanding the reason for the button was all I needed.

Done… or at least, I thought it was.

Even though I’d removed the link in an effort to prevent others from being confused by its intent, the drama had already been set into motion…

I was going to stay out of it. I didn’t want to give ‘this’ attention it didn’t deserve… I already wasted a day over an issue that should have been resolved in the two minutes I spent removing the link.

Instead, I made a brief post to the BratPack to let them know about the reasons for the changes to my various accounts. After all, the BratPack is the core of my most vocal readers.

It was them who brought MoxieMo’s superfluous rant to my attention…

And we witnessed the birth of a monster.

So here we are, on Day Five of a protracted affair where both sides have valid points to make and strong opinions…

AND it doesn’t seem like anyone knows we’re well past the point to shut the fuck up and realize that.

MoxieMo (and her friends) are trying to make the point that selling fanfiction is wrong.

They’re right. They’ve beaten the shit out of that old horse, but they’re right.

My friends are trying to make the point that I wasn’t selling my fanfiction via the donation link.

They’re right as well… And there is another sad horsy carcass rotting on the grounds of the BratPack ranch.


In my honest (and rarely humble) opinion, this has gone on long enough.


What I’m doing is asking my readers, my friends, my BratPack family, to cease and desist…

Stop defending me. Please.

I don’t care if MoxieMo repetitiously shouts from the rooftops her omnipotent perspectives…

There isn’t a point in saying anything about it because she’s made it alarmingly obvious that she doesn’t respond well to being corrected.

MoxieMo has gotten a lot more attention than she deserves from redundantly ranting about my jackass move of posting the link on my WP.

Since most of you have stated you’ve never cared for her writing, this situation isn’t any different.

Thank you for your time, ladies.


67 thoughts on “And the shit-storm rages on…

      • i never heard about the fight and am confused that she thought you were selling fanfiction when you quite clearly said that people WANTED to contribute when you originally posted, i also dont see why she would have any say on what you put on YOUR website but we do all that you ask of us because you are our dealer and we dont want to make you angry lest you should withold our drug of choice ^.^

  1. I haven’t been following this drama, but I’m sorry you have had to deal with it. IMO your readers would rather you have more time to write! 😉

  2. I LOVE your work and like others didn’t know there was any problems going on with the link you posted. You are not the first writer to be targeted by a select group of fanfic writers and readers about something or another. I thought everyone that comes here and over on fanfic were suppose to be adults, but I guess not. I’m glad you spoke your peace and have buried the dead horse. Happy Writing.

  3. I hope this is the end of it. There are far too many people, not directly involved, who are using it to get at others. Lets just write, read and live. With plenty of added Viking.

  4. I’m with Ruth also. sigh… Not into the whole war among the writers thing. I just enjoy your writing.
    Sorry you have to deal with people like that. Don’t let it get to you. Just keep doing what you do.
    As Lu Lu Sharee said thought we were all adults. Anyway can’t wait for more!!!

  5. What you do on your wordpress is your business and nobody should make you feel angry, upset or inferior for it. I have read the rant on her blog and although i too agree with the core of her argument, i find it ignorant of her to dictate and force her opinion upon others.
    You are a writer, you create amazing stories which i and many, many others are fans of, you spend a lot of your time writing these stories and gain no monetary satisfaction- some people volunteer at homeless shelters giving food to the needy, some volunteer with children, others with old people- you volunteer your time making people smile and laugh and cry and genuinely feel through your stories. As someone in bad health, i cannot thank you enough for the hours of entertainment, humour, fun and wit that you have provided.
    If MoxieMo doesn’t agree with something on your site, she merely doesn’t have to read anymore- nobody is forcing her to log onto this site and read your work.

    I wish you all the best for the future and i hope that this incident does not impact upon your writing, you are a talented writer and that should outshine anything else.
    Best Wishes

  6. Oh good grief. This is the third incident I’ve heard of where someone has gone into attack mode against a fanfic author (multiple fandoms). What the heck is wrong with people that suddenly they have the internet to hide behind so they can become total assholes and think they are the arbiters of all things posted on any site. GROW UP PEOPLE.

    Seriously there needs to be a sanity test people have to pass before they’re allowed have any kind of web site account/access.

  7. I didn’t know about the drama however I think you should add the donation button back…. as the last time i checked a donation is an act of free will…. ie nothing being sold. It’s an act of kindness, not a randsom demand.

      • I concur. I briefly remember a mention of a donation button, and if I had extra cash I would give it to you (unfortunately as a grad student that is something I lack right now). Your writing keeps me entertained, and helps me procrastinate, more than any other I’ve found. It can make me smile, laugh, cry and a whole other host of emotions that are drained from me daily.

        Your stories are the ones that I go back and reread. Your stories are the ones that help cure a long day.

        Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do on your site. Your characters have helped to give me strength the way that only a good book can. I know that when I feel blue or self conscious I can read your stories and build myself back up because of the strength that you write into the characters that you have breathed new life into (sorry, felt I should at least acknowledge CH).

        You just keep writing and know that we love you!

  8. Sorry that you’ve had to deal with all of this, hon. Hope it doesn’t wear you down too much. It’s clearly gone on way too long on both sides. May you get some peace from it *hugs* ❤

  9. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Just know we’re all behind you, (when we’re not rolling our eyes at the grand pronouncements of “wrong.”) Keep up the good work, and just keep being as “you” as you are.

  10. Well said! And it’s really why I stayed out of the public comments (until now I guess). I know from experience there is a group of FF writers and readers who want to control the FF world, and they are incapable of being reasoned with. It’s disgusting. But unfortunately there isn’t much to be done for it because they too have a large base of fans who think they can do no wrong. You are not the first friend they’ve attacked in an attempt to destroy and control.

    They are right that selling FF is wrong. But you and your fans know the truth. And almost everyone on the planet also knows what the word “donation” means.

    Love you. Keep doing your thing. Ignore what the haters say.

  11. I’ve heard of MoxieMo, can’t say I’ve ever read anything she has written though, just seen some of her comments on other fanfic stories.

    Never saw a “donation button”; but if there was one, I probably would have donated since your stories have given me countless hours of pleasure, moreso than even the crap SVM books that I HAVE BOUGHT, riddled with typos and shit plots.

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of The Brat Pack either. Although I can probably guess at who some of them are.

    Sorry you were going through such a hard time, but, I did get excited when you posted this b/c I thought it was another chapter of SLD or PL. 😦

  12. WTF? Who the hell cares about this woman??? If she has a problem with you… her loss, your gain. Best to keep people like that out of your thoughts, cause the truth is not everyone will be happy or agree always with you, for that matter. You continue doing what you are doing. Trust me you are great!

  13. Out of Love and Respect your wishes are happily my command. *Bows, giggles, and winks* ❤ ❤ ❤ —-'–,–@

  14. Ok, so truly all I can say is WTF?!
    I agree with Gemma and everyone else. You know we love you and your mastermind. Some of us need what you give us and although this isn’t what you were after, I have to say I would happily and greatfully support, donate and buy your feel good. Shit…I’d steal it if I had to. 😉 I do feel bad now because I don’t always follow the comments so I didn’t know.
    Anyway can I just say how pshyced I was thinking you gifted us with more love…I was getting all comfy on the chase with my throw and chocolate bites and…..yeah fooled me. Lol! Hubby actually laughed at me.

  15. “Tao of Thumper” words to live by, I love your stories, didn’t know there was an issue and I hope it can all be put away. Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  16. I read what she had to say and stated my opinions in the Pack and didn’t go public. I use to be on forums and would fight with trolls or get into the verbal debates all the time. Opinions are like assholes we all have one. You know I love ya, and I know you weren’t attempting to sell ff or hold chapters for ransom. Much love. Now get back to writing. /cracks whip

  17. Like most of the others, I had no idea there was a fight brewing. I saw the donate button and thought it was really cute – I’m still not sure what the problem with that was – one didn’t need to donate in order to read your stories. In the immortal words of Pam…”WHATEVER!”
    Looking forward to the next chapter, as always. You rock

  18. The only reason anyone is coming against you is pure and simple old fashioned jealousy. You write amazing stories that we wait anxiously on pins and needles for every day. Don’t let small minds and big mouths get to you and distract you from your work. You are an amazing author and are extremely talented. Keep up the great work. Sorry you had to deal with that and waste your time. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

  19. I am really sorry that you’ve had to endure this shitstorm. You didn’t deserve it any of their crap. You have stood up to it proudly and with dignity. Brava!! You rock, Hon!!

  20. I made my one posting on the Brat Pack and I am posting here to proclaim my friendship and support for your writing. You have brought me hours upon hours of enjoyment with your stories and I just cannot fathom the unwarranted attacks some of the members of this fandom feel they much force upon others. We know the real reason behind the donation button and I thought the reason was truly inspired, just as the rest of your writing is. I think you should put it back as well to send a message to the detractors, but that is just a thought. I would not want to cause more trouble. We are here as always and I spoke my peace.

  21. I can appreciate your frustration. What you do here I’m sure gives you tremendous enjoyment or you would not do it. You are obviously a very creative person, and you are willing to share that rare ability you have to express it in the written word. It has to be time consuming, and if you choose to make yourself open for donations, it should not be considered heresy. I think you have many more supporters than naysayers. I look forward to your next posting, and want to wish you and all my fellow moms out there who read this a wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day.

  22. still love your writing…

    i don’t usually read wip because i have no patience, and yet i check your site daily (sometimes several times a day) for the next update. i don’t usually read a/h, but i just finished reading s&s for the third time. your writing is just that good.

    don’t let the drama bother you. some people are not happy unless they have something to complain about.

    hope you have a happy mother’s day.

  23. As a long time Fan fiction reader, way before the internet was little more than a dream. I purchased fanfiction thru the mail and at conventions. I wrote actual letters of a appreciation and sent money orders to receive fanzines about my favorite characters. They were filled stories, poetry and art work. They were labors of love and maybe one every six months were produced.

    I am sure none of them were made for profit and the price was mainly to offset the cost of printing, binding and shipping. I have even been to a few binding parties to get the fanzines made and shipped. We were a family and we appreciated the talented few who made it possible for our favorite characters to live on.

    That being said, I also see with the immediacy of the internet, we have perhaps forgotten that these artists may need more help and appreciation than a well written review. So if they need help with paying for websites or internet access, or even the coffee to stay up to write that next chapter, I say sign me up because I appreciate all they do. They dream big for us and put those thoughts and dreams down for us to read. So to all my favorite writers thank you and please keep on writing and please tell how we can contribute to help you continue on.

  24. I haven’t been on the internet a lot lately so I caught up on most of the drama after the fact. In the interesting of supporting the ‘cease and desist’ wishes, I only say this:

    Love your stories
    Respect your talent
    Respect you
    Love the pic for the post.

    ’nuff said. 🙂

  25. Well said and I love the dead horsey comment. I had to explain my random outbrust of laughter to my husband.

  26. I had no idea there was a fight. But I would happily donate; you’re a lot cheaper than therapy. At the moment the only people who make me laugh and cry more than you do are my husband and our 4-year-old.

    As for the other, I believe the old saying is “the cream rises to the top . . . ”

    May the muse be with you!!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day, and many thanks once more for all your utterly fabulous and fantastic work. You are worth your weight in couture and Harry Winston 😉

  27. Sorry this is happening to you and I support you in everyway. I also want to point out that selling fan fiction is not new, I have tons of Pride and Prejudice fan fiction and Shades of Grey the best selling book was fan fiction. Muses come in all forms and as long as something is not out and out plagiarism and credits are given where credit is do I see no problems.

  28. Moxiemo- FiniteAnarvhy & peppermintyposer…I mean rose troll other FF’s & blogs looking for something to stir the shit That’s fact & the proof is all over. They obviously get no other enjoyment from life other than brow beating others & shoving there viewpoint down everyones throat in the supposed name of ‘good cause’ or ‘canon’. I don’t know if they believe they are scoring brownie points with CH being so far up her ass or of they’ve sniffed so much of their own righteous indignation they lost sight of this being America….where I, yes, ME, can make a fucking decision without their “help “. Moxie, FA, PMR keep your wannabe rants where they belong ….with your own mindless sychophants.

  29. Obviously the majority of your readers have no idea what is going on…we just like your stories. Ignore this hard core group and move on. They will eventually give up when they have no one to fight against.

  30. I noticed the button and went hmmm I wonder what that’s all about and promptly forgot about it. I am internet illiterate and don’t chat so it looks like I am missing a lot of fireworks. Personally I read a ridiculous amount of FF and usually find something to enjoy with each author so I won’t be slagging off anyone. I’m sorry you have to go through so much grief, I hope it doesn’t interfere with your home life. Happy Mothers Day!!

  31. I’m sorry your intentions were misinterpreted. But the tone of this cease and desist may be a bit too much. I read both yours and Mos work. I found Mos post to be more of an academic discussion of what writers should or shouldn’t do based on appearances and possible repercussions from the authors/publishers that could affect the whole community. I confess to having stopped reading the comments about halfway through when much vitriol starting spewing from supporters on both sides — hers attacking the way you re-write CH’s characters and yours attacking their wrong interpretation of the button’s intent (that you intended to profit from reimagining the characters of an author you refuse to read the recent work of because of your feelings toward its quality). I was impressed that you wanted to tell your fans to move past it because the button could, in fact, be wrongly interpreted but profit clearly was not intent. But the end of your own cease and desist veers close to the same personal vitriol. It makes it seem as Mo is not the only one who doesn’t respond well to being corrected.

    • Fair enough… My dig at the end there wasn’t the most mature. After several days of this, I’m not exactly feeling very friendly towards her. Yes, her post was geared towards the academic, but the venom being spit behind the scenes has gotten to me.
      I don’t mind being corrected, but the less public behavior is what has made me raw.
      Not that it’s excusable. Sorry.
      Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  32. Well the hell with that, I for once love your stories so much that I am willing to pay… LOL Angela sweetie you are a magnificent talented writer and your stories are one hell of a ride in my every day life… So excuse me if I say this – people will always talk so let them who gives a s***… Love from Israel, Galit

  33. Leaving in my two cents. I agree that people shouldn’t pay for fanfiction, but there are stories, much like yours, that deserved to get published and sold, simply by being better than the original. Yes, I said it, I own it. I know a lot praise CH, but I think there are a lot of things she could have done better in her stories.

    Nonetheless, her writing and her characters are the ones that brought us all together in writing and reading about them. It’s her thing and taking the direction her books are going I, personally, chose to stop reading. Her last two books are still a mystery to me, but I haven’t stopped reading the great fanfics out there.

    Anyway, I’m off the topic. So. Back to it. Considering the time and effort you put into your story, Angela, I think you’re more than entitled to that donation button. Put it on your site, put it on every site. I believe all your readers would send you money if they could afford it. You spend a lot of your free time writing these magnificent plots and characters that we all enjoy and we all appreaciate you. You should put that button back up there.

    I know I’d write a lot more if I had more free time and I’d love to get paid for doing what I love. Being a journalist is the way I manage to do something I like and still get some money, although I’d love writing fiction all the time.

    Sorry for rambling, but I’m just shocked someone’d do that to you. Jealous much?


    • I keep expecting Saints and Sinners to be withdrawn from the site, toward self-publishing. I’d buy it! (And other than the names and who I picture, I really don’t consider it fanfiction at all.)

  34. Sorry you had to deal with that crap. I love your stories and always look forward to your updates. Thanks for doing what you do:)

  35. Hey Angela I am truely sorry that i was one who was trying to defend you and failed miserably. I never name called as that is not my nature but i do agree this needs to stop. I hope it all dies soon and i have expressed my opinion of the matter. Truelly i am sorry if my rant caused you any ill will. and this dead horse needs to die. Kristie

  36. Word! I haven’t posted any rants in her site but I have cruised over there to keep myself abreast of all the drama. I’ll stop visiting don’t want to give, “she who is without fault,” anymore traffic. We love you Angela!


  37. You did what was right – removed the button as soon as the issue & chance of misinterpretation was brought to your attention. I agree with you, it should’ve stopped right then and there.

    But the train has runaway, thanks to Moxiemo and her intense love to jump upon a pulpit at seemingly every chance. I’m horrified grown woman are doing this – just as I was the last issue that spun out of control….and the one before that….and the one before that.

    Your rendition of the SVM word is just that – Yours. So what if it’s reimagined or not cookie cutter canon of the original works. After all, isn’t that what Fan Fiction is in the first damn place – the original redone? Anyone out there wanting to play with the authors toys can. Everyone needs to get off their high horses or none of us will be reading anything!

    Angela, kudos for making one of the very best series of ‘re-imagined’ entertainment in ALL of fan fiction. To me it looks as if the crux of the issue is that you’re very popular, cited over and over on most readers “Top’s” list, your stories constantly recommended. Others wish to slander you based on not playing by *their* rules – as some of the comments there seemed to take the most issue of how you’re not “canon” and haven’t read the last few books. So what? If that’s the issue then click that little red ‘X’ on the top right hand corner & when reading summaries only click on stories that site ‘strictly canon’.

    To the soapbox crew: Grow up. Get lives. Read what YOU want to read & let the rest of us make our own decisions. Without your input screamed in our faces. Here’s a tip – If one doesn’t ask for your opinion….don’t give it. Or cram it at me. Toodles

  38. Didn’t know about any arguement and I definitely wasn’t offended by any new links. I have to say I really liked the idea of you getting a little “tip” for doing something you love and that we get joy out of. Hell, I wish I had enough money to pay you to write all the time. It’s not like there was an admission price to just read the chapter. Sorry you had to go through this to begin with and hope that it doesn’t stop the creative juices from flowing. You are truly one of the most gifted writers in fan fic and I appreciate reading the way your mind works. You have never left me asking why the hell am I reading this shit or really this again. It’s a pleasure to read each and every post. Your mind is wonderful, incredible and truly amazing. So, thank you for providing the location for my mental escape!

  39. I didn’t know there was a fight going on. I had seen the donation button. But I figured it was something else (ie for a charity you may have been working on or something) I never find it wise to b*tch out somebody for that stuff when theres a wide gap for major error in ASSUMING.
    Also, b*tching you out isn’t in my favor since I am addicted to your stories. So, I run risk of going through wildrawls if I tick you off and you withhold my drugs (ei new chapters). I was disapointed when I realised this wasn’t a new chapter. Oh well I am sure you will have more soon.

  40. Look I need ya stories your my pusher man lol
    Giggles…..and moxie what you call her sorry but out if it was a donation button I ain’t seen it and i read everything you put on ff and WP. People need to let it go to much drama we need peace ….and more chapters….lol giggles

  41. Yeh, I’ve been at the pointy end of this crap too, it’s hideous and miserable and I seriously considered throwing the towel in but didn’t.

    When push comes to shove it’s your blog, put what you want on it and in it, if you want donations for Red Bull and cigs then go for it (a fine cause by the way)

    As for anyone elses opinions, hell, you’ve got what, two million hits on your blog and a happy fan base any establised, published writer would be deeply jealous of and judging by the kerfuffle, they are ;~]



    • i agree…

      i remember reading several reviews where fans were offering bribes of cookies, red bull, and if i remember correctly someone even offered their kids as laborers so that you could have more time to write…lol

  42. But… this isn’t a chapter… this isn’t even a teaser… 😦

    Seems like a lot of hub-bub over a caffeine/nicotine addiction. It’s not like you were charging for access.

  43. I just hope you do not let all of this bull @#$% get you down. I agree that it is a crime to make people pay for fanfiction. I just do not think that is what you were trying to do. I never got an email saying pay up or no chapters for you. I think that some one may be jealous of you and your fan base. This moximo person is not on my favorites list but you are. Enough said. I just hope you do not let her taint your love of writing. That would be a shame.

  44. OMG can we get a new chapter or two. What do we have to do to get one out of you. You have your loyal suporters but by not posting and updating its starting to look like they got to you and made you feel bad. I have been following ur work for a while now and u seem so much stronger than this. The only other conclusions I can come up with are Real Life or the fact that we are not going to be helping you pay for the energy drinks and your completly broke and tuckered out. I don’t think we have ever gone so long without at lest a status update stating that it might be a week or more due to life or writiers block or your betas are having problems and you dont want to post unedditted chapters so unless on or your others can squeeze you in it might be awhile SO what is up?

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