Sometimes angst is good…

As a minimum, you’ve all proven that gnawing your fingernails to the quick won’t kill ya, right?


So here’s something you can sink your teeth into, and hopefully enjoy a little more than a recently released teaser that’s supposed to tide you over for another year. 😉

When we last heard from Euro Pass, Eric was practically freaking out about whet he learned during their recent skip…

It took a while, but 11,000 words later, here’s how that played out.

*Angst alert*

Euro Pass

Chapter 22: Stall Tactics


And for those of you who didn’t find out via traditional methods, Nuclear Winter’s recent chapter posted a few days ago.

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 7: Rebenok




PS- Don’t forget the BratPack is always there for you.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes angst is good…

  1. LOL @ the jab at Deadlocked above.

    I loved both chapters!!! Anyone who doesn’t read NW because of ‘asshole Eric’ needs to look at the last few chapters and see what you’ve done with his character…then kick themselves for not having faith. 🙂

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