If you want to share your portable versions…

Feel free to send the file or link to me so I can post it for all to enjoy.

Y’all are awesome…


I’m going to get back to work so I have something to post this weekend.


25 thoughts on “If you want to share your portable versions…

  1. I have everything that is complete and everything that has been posted for AIW and ICB in Kindle format that I will be happy to share in the morning…(right now I am currently curled up in bed with my kindle and don’t want to move)


  2. I use a free program called Sigil for creating epubs – you can get it from here http://code.google.com/p/sigil/. You just copy and paste the chapters one at a time and set the chapter name from normal to one of the heading ones in the dropdown box and it can then create a table of contents. You have to click the “chapter break” button to add a new chapter.

    I also use a free program called calibre to convert to other formats – including .mobi. You can get calibre from here http://calibre-ebook.com/.

    I have Meanwhile in .epub and .mobi if anyone wants them….. I needed some reading while waiting for my son’s swimming lessons over the christmas break.

  3. My God you ladies are brilliant. Who knew you make these fan fics into an ereader format. Kym, I would love to have Meanwhile.

  4. Kym, I would love ,love to have Meanwhile in .epub format. You ladies are awesome to do this and share it with others.

  5. if anyone wants the SVM books 1 – 7 on epub or pdf….I’ll be sending those over on zip files to Ericizmine…

    FYI…..epub is awesome for the Nook Color but my preference would be pdf for the original Nook, just in case some of you prefer one versus the other..


  6. Sigil is awesome. I have used it for some time and so I currently have Meanwhile, Saints and Sinners and Bored to Death i epub format with chapter markers and Banners for cover art. And I keep updating AIW and Alpha whenever new chapters come out to stick on my Nook. It’s great for boring train rides…

  7. So…if anyone is feeling very generous (and will only snicker behind my back) I got a kindle fire a month ago but so far have only downloaded from the library or kindle site. Went and bought a ubs cord today just for this 🙂 Ummm but as much as I’ve tried to put the mobi files in either the books or docs folders nothing is showing up. Help for the hopeless? Thank you!

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