13 thoughts on “Shameless plug…

  1. I have an autistic child, and although I don’t have a smart phone, almost everyone else in my family does. I will be suggesting to all of them that they get this app, as it will be a HUGE help whe they are watching him without me around.

  2. Having worked in Special-ed with autistic kids and being frustrated with the curriculum we had to use, this app looks fantastic. I’ll be passing this info on to parents. It also looks like it has the advantage of being able to use it with pre-school kids too.

  3. As a teacher of Autistic children I thank your cousin. This looks to be a great aid and can’t wait till school vacation is over to try it in my classroom.

  4. My middle son is autistic and we used PECS when he was younger/non-verbal (iPad? iPhone? Nope :(. ) but what a great system! I’ll be sharing it around therapy. Thanks for the link!

  5. Wow! This sounds wonderful. Not only is your cousin brilliant, he did something altruistic and must have the patience of a saint, to have two children with autism. I’ll let anyone I know who has kids in this situation about this app.

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