8 thoughts on “You asked for it…

  1. OMG… That video is freakin hilarious! Hey… Just b/c you are critical of our originl peice doesn’t mean we are!! Give it some slack… Dead Tired is where you have created the majority of your fanbase girl!! Some of us have been around, yes that long. The original Dead Tired is where we or I should say I fell in love with your writing style. So don’t bash it! Please 8) I didn’t request the original posting but I’d love to read along with the new. Kind of like how you posted all the other POV’s after you did Sook’s POV. Your new version could really be EPOV because he is the one that I feel has changed more so than Sook in this version. Just a thought!! Please don’t bash you writing you are one of my favorite SVM/TB author and I love all your stories but DT is where I origially became a fan of yours. What it’s been like 2 years now or 3??
    Yours Truly,

  2. I found you because of Bored to Death, but I fell in love with Dead Tired and always kept peeking for the POVs that never got added. I understand you being critical of your work it just shows how awesome you are. I have thought several times if you just change up some of the names in Saints and Sinners so CH can’t complain that it could def get published.

  3. Hello Young Lady
    the video is too funny gross but too funny…

    as to why we would like to re-read the original piece. well becasue we liked it even though you did not. i started re-reading it on fan-fic and then you took it off while re-posting the new version I just wanted to comapre it i guess. we still love it though. WE understand your thoughts on it but we don’t feel that way about it…. Yes the new version answers a lot if question for us but we fell in love with your story and writing habits by the first run of it, i was sad to see you pull it. if you do repost it i am sure everyone will still enjoy the new version as it has a lot of EPOV in it and we like that. thank you for all of your stories. Kristie

  4. Dead Tired is where I first found you and I just fell in love with the way you write Sookie and the Viking….don’t sell yourself short! Yes, it was your first attempt and believe me, the humor, the snark, the attention to detail have all been astounding in your current and I’m sure your future work. But it’s good –like putting on a pair of comfy old shoes you go back to time and again….

    And…to quote Larry the Cable guy, “that’s some funny shit, rite there”…..


  5. Thank you!

    I’ve been holding off reading the new one until most of it is posted not wanting to read it serially.

    Posting the original as well as rewriting… just all around awesomeness!

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