has gone PLATINUM!!!!!

You’ve left thousands of reviews and comments that I don’t thank you for enough and two weeks ago, I was surprised to notice that I have more than a thousand subscribers.

I don’t think I could paint the picture of how dorkiliciously spaz-tarded I am at the moment.

When I started this site a little over a year ago (March of  ’10), I never thought I’d see a hundred hits per day, but as it turns out, I’ve been averaging over 2,000!

Thank you all from the bottom of my Red Bull fueled heart! I’m honored that you’ve found entertainment value in my little hobby.

And thanks to LEI, I have a celebratory header to show off. That girl deserves a lot of kuddos for all the sexiness she’s made to dress up my WP. Thanks again, LEI. You rock!


This is the time on Sprockets when we dance…

41 thoughts on “ has gone PLATINUM!!!!!

  1. Oh. My. God. Look at those eyes …

    You are so welcome. You feed my need for wonderful stories to read – it’s only fair that I let you know just how much your writing touches me. I recommend you whenever I can.

    Congratulations, but it’s not a surprise – you deserve each and every subscriber.

  2. How do I so frequently forget about askars in Zoolander? Love that last gif. Congratulations on all the traffic! If we didn’t love you and your writing, we wouldn’t show up. Thanks for keeping us so wonderfully entertained!

  3. I am not surprised at all. You are a wonderful writer and I have read all of your stories mulitple times. Love Saimts and Sinners. That’s the one that got me hooked. Congratulations

  4. No problem! It was a lot of hard work (on your end) to make this site a big thing! It is always a pleasure to get that email in my inbox and read the newest chapter!

  5. Congratulations! It’s no shock at all, but that doesn’t make it any less fantastic. I love the “changing channels” clip you have there. That’s my favorite episode. I think I’ll have to go watch it again now.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! There are no words to describe my gratitude and thanks that you would even consider posting some of my banners. Your stories have been a great source of entertainment and I’m thankful for the day that I found ‘Dead Tired’ on fanfic, from there it all just sky rocketed….You Rock some serious SHizz!……Thank you for all the good times…… 🙂

  7. No surprise that you have that many hits and subscribers. I am hopelessly addicted and can be found here at least every second day reading and rereading my favs. I never get tired of your witty dialogue and fast paced plots. Congrats on the massive following! We are all but humble worshippers to the brilliance of your imagination.

  8. You and your stories deserve every one of those subscribers, hits and comments and then some. Your stories are some of the best I have ever read and the topic (Eric and Sookie) are the frosting on the cake.

  9. Congrat’s. Your wonderful stories are well worth the read and worth pimpin out to friends. THANKS!

  10. CONGRATS on getting 1,000,000 hits!!!
    Your stories are all awesome, and you are awesome for sharing “YOUR Eric” with us and for that I thank you!!!

    2,000,000 here we come!!

  11. Congratulations on such a well deserved accomplishment. I’ve really enjoyed your stories and even the recipes in S & S. You are a very creative force and I’m thrilled you choose to share the Viking in so many delicious forms!

  12. Congratulations! You should not be surprised, Your stories are just that good. I’m so glad I found them . Thank you for writing and sharing them with us.

  13. You more than deserve it. Your stories are phenomenal. How could you not expect to be received so well. You are a rock star woman! Now soak it up for a few more minutes then get your booty back to work, I need more already. I’m just kidding. You know we really love ya!

  14. Congrates to you. I don’t know why this surprizes you. You are a fantastic author. You engage the mind and draw us into your world.You paint a picture with your words and it only makes me want to see more of your paintings. Keep up the good work and I will continue to love you and your work.

  15. Congratulations ! This is small prize for your awesome work. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stores with us.

  16. Angela, Saints and Sinners got me hooked to start it all off and I’ve never looked back. I am in awe of your brilliant imagination. You give our favorite characters so much greater depth and no matter what setting they are in, we know who they are. Thank you so much for hours upon hours of escapist entertainment. You bring their world right into my living room when I am reading and I eagerly look in my inbox for updates from you! I would have offered my services as your beta, but with my work schedule, my time is just too crazy. I’ll take the stress relief I gain from your collective results instead! Humbly one your million devoted fans, Wendy!

  17. Congrats!! You deserve every subscriber!! Thanks for having this as a hobby so you can let the rest of us sit back and enjoy and immerse ourselves into our favorite characters!! After a hard days work it is so nice to be able to let your imagination wander – mmmmmmmm Viking – oh sorry there I go again! LOVE YA!!!

  18. Congrats Angela,

    You more then well deserve this. You have been treating us to your writing which inspires us with soo emotion. Its the least we could do.


  19. No one deserves it more than you Angela, you give so much to us all and you are a great person. Well done!

  20. CONGRATS!!!!! I’m not surprised you are an AMAZING author I Love all your stories enjoy this you deserve it!!!!

  21. You totes deserve this! I loved Saints and Sinners, and now reading It Can’t Be, now need to get back to Bored to Death too. And I’ll quit being such a lurker and review more.
    I don’t know how you do it, cuz I know you’re a busy mom. Kudos to you!!

  22. Congratulations! It’s not a surprise to me either! I love your stories, and I cannot choose a favorite amongst them. They’re all so well written; all with a dash of humor, just the right amount of angst, drama, romance (OK, I said it – even if I abhor romance stories), and family blended into great recipes for stories to read over & over again. You’ve created a fantastic site for us to visit & read these stories, and to lead our friends to find for even more members! Congrats again! You deserve it!!

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