Now Hiring!

It’s official.

My beta (my husband) isn’t working out as my beta.

Since he spends a lot of time wrangling my kids so that I can write, his schedule is pretty full and since y’all can’t watch my kids and leave him to the betaing, I’m searching for volunteers…

A lot of y’all have volunteered in the past, even if it was just so that you can read the chapter a wee bit early 😉

What I’m looking for:

  • typographical, grammatical, and logistical corrections…
  • input about mood and tone (i.e. Eric is 1000 years old, so his phraseology wouldn’t be the same as Sookie’s)
  • continuity FUs (fuck ups)
  • opinions about conversational flow and feeling (I want to make sure things are getting across correctly)
  • your overall opinion of a given chapter
  • quick turnover (I like being able to post quickly)


To let me know if you’re interested in loaning me your red pen, send an email to and let me know which story you’re interested in betaing so that I don’t send you chapters to a story that you don’t like/read. And make sure you let me know how to list you as a helper 😀

I’ll be ‘hiring’ more than one volunteer per story, because I’ve learned that I’d rather hear about the same there/their/they’re confusion 10 times than miss it. Plus… back when hubs and carolinagirl were betaing in tandem, they would pick up on different things I wanted to fix on more than one occasion.

I’ll email you a chapter, you use the ‘comment’ feature of MSWord to make your notes, then email it back.


6 thoughts on “Now Hiring!

  1. Oh God slcurwin, am I glad you commented on that too because I had to bring my screen to 200% to try to figure the video out too! I couldn’t look away. Literally. My 12 yr old daughter came over, wondering why I was looking at the screen like that and busted out laughing! At least I was finally able to look away from it!
    Good luck finding a beta. I love your stories, and would be willing to throw my hat in the ring too, but I just don’t have the time!

    • I keep going back and watching it about ever 15-30 minutes. Each time is something new. The uber serious face, the mismatched socks, the guy to the left at the begining dancing along and watching him…It’s his own personal stern road rave!

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