Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry…

To settle any curiosity you might have…

Yes, I am a Frank Lloyd Wright sycophant… I grew up less than 20 miles away from the Cook house in Virginia Beach

I had the good fortune of seeing it when I was about 10 years old and I’d been in love ever since…

I do recommend visiting one of his beauties to fully appreciate Wright’s work… List by location

Frank GehryI’m also a big Frank Gehry fan.

List of Gehry buildings

Gehry and Wright are why I took my first drafting class.

9 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry…

  1. I live approximately 40 minutes from Falling Water but have never had the chance to tour it. Have you had the pleasure?

  2. I have seen many FLW homes as I grew up in Iowa, now live in Minnesota. There are many in Illnois and Wisconsin which are close by.

  3. There is a FLW-designed house in Two Rivers, WI where I grew up as well and is now available for overnight rental. And of course his long-time residence Taliesin is in Spring Green….

  4. There are a number of FLW buildings at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. I managed to bump my head on one of his sloped walls once and I’m not tall. Neat building in that picture.

  5. I love going to visit the Frieda and Henry J. Neils House in Minneapolis. It is the only FLW home that has Marble walls. Henry Neils was a stone distributor so he worked closely with FLW to have those features. They have an open house a couple of times a year and I always find myself there.

  6. Frank Lloyd Wright did Beth Sholom Synagogue in Philly; I had a boss get married there! It was pretty awesome.

    I’m going to Pittsburgh in May, to The Avett Brothers, and going to try to go see Falling Waters.

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