Oh My God!

I forget all too often to thank everyone for taking time out of their lives to not only read what I post, but leave their love behind…

I might have hurt myself when @Alisonbynumbers sent me a congratulatory email…

It seems I fared well in the polls for the Lemon Tart Awards…

There’s no way to thank you enough for voting!

31 thoughts on “Oh My God!

  1. Oh sooo omany congratulations to you for winning your VERY WELL DESERVED awards!!

    May they keep acknowledging your AWESOME work as we most definitely do appreciate every word and every story you write.

    WE LOVE YA!!!

  2. Ok, I’m pretty new to all this. There are awards for this stuff! that is awesome. How do I find these things to be voted on? “the best cock block moment”…lol. If I figure this stuff out, I may well have found a new hobby.

    And a hearty congrats! I’m loving your stories.

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