If you liked Saints & Sinners…

You’ll love…


by NumberedWords

This story has been recommended to me more than a few times, but I don’t get the chance to read everything that slips into conversation like I used to… But this one really has my attention.
It’s not just me either… If you don’t want to take my word for it…
Evenflo78 had a few things to say about it… and she pretty much said it all.
She wrote:
So, I followed a recommendation on twitter. Which, as some of you know, can either be a brutal mistake or like an elaborately wrapped gift sitting on your bedside table on a Tuesday morning for no reason at all other than it’s Tuesday.
Collide, by NumberedWords, happens to fall in the latter of the two categories.
And guess what? Wait for it. It is actually written by…wait for it, a guy! A guy! Entirely from Eric’s perspective, no less. Damn! Who could ask for anything more?
I know many of us try to harness our inner testosterone and sometimes we succeed. But admittedly, at least for me, Eric sometimes comes out sounding like a gal trying to pretend to be in the mind of a dude. And let’s face it, no matter how well we think we know men, we’ll never know exactly how their minds work. Of course, they’ll never understand how our minds work either.
Hell, I’m not even sure I understand.
Anyway, I’m getting off track here. The point I’m trying to make is that y’all need to get your asses over there and read this fic. Like, yesterday. Or the day before that. It’s that good.
Synopsis: From the moment he laid eyes on her, Eric couldn’t get Sookie out of his head. Nothing worth having comes easy, but is what they have worth it?
It’s an all human/alternate universe story, rated M for lemons and language. But, it’s not all language and lemons, people. Gasps, there’s an actual plot too. I know, right? Whodathunkit?
Classified in the Romance/Drama category, this story is also witty and chocked full of familial spats and friendly banter that’ll keep you rolling on the floor and gripping your sides.
The characters are far from perfect, but perfectly flawed. The author’s obvious love for them and the story itself is apparent throughout each and every chapter, making it impossible for you not to fall right in love with them too.
“Sometimes ya’ll make me regret that this is the closest to a committed relationship I’ve ever been in,” Jason huffed from the lawn chair, cooling his forehead with his sweaty beer bottle. “If I wanted to take shit I don’t deserve during my free time, I’d actually date the chicks I bring home.”
“Liar. That’d require remembering their names instead of just their bra sizes.”
“Like you’re one to talk, Northman!” he shot back quickly, only to be met with a shrug of my shoulders.
“Damn straight,” I confirmed with a smirk. What can I say? I’m a man who appreciates the twins. Blowing an imaginary kiss to the wounded Jason, he caught the invisible affection out of the air, planted it on his cheek, then shot me the bird.
“Tease,” I scolded as Alcide laughed. Jason winked before gripping the collar of his thin t-shirt and pulled it down to show off a sampling of his goods.
“Anyone want refills better get ’em now,” Tray called from the grill, thankfully interrupting us before Jason had the opportunity to lure Mrs. Fortenberry back out of her house for flashing his man cleavage. “Food’s ready.”
This is just a tiny excerpt and as genuine an example of “male bonding” as I’ve seen in a while. And this story is full of it. I’ve laughed my ass off on more than one occasion, and, as much as I’m loathe to admit, thought: why in the hell didn’t I come up with that?And, let’s face it, to truly understand Pam, who’s Eric’s sister in this story, you truly have to know her from the mind of a man. Since this author doesn’t have to conjure up his inner lesbian – like I do – you can get an authentic feel for the sometimes lovable, always sarcastic, and often superficially deceptive, Pam. Who, let’s face it, loves to give Eric a hard time. And don’t we just love her for it.

“Good morning to you too, big brother,” she chirped, much too energetic for the hour. I wasn’t fooled. She must not have slept yet, because she was even less of a morning person than I was. “Shouldn’t you be up and about already? I thought you were finding a new assistant today. You know, you hire one person and console all those under 30 in your own special way?”

I groaned again. Ever since Pam had spent a year in Europe following high school in order to “see and experience the world for inspiration,” she had been much too comfortable discussing our sex lives. No matter her attempts, she’d never be one of the guys.

Even if this time she was dead on with my plan.

“Not discussing it with you,” I mumbled while getting out of bed and crossing the room to my closet to dress for the day. “Why are you calling?”

“What is a Sookie?”

“I’m hanging up now.”

She cackled. I growled. “I’m coming to visit,” she continued once she composed herself enough to get the words out. “I’m going to stay with you.”

“How generous of you to offer my home to yourself at your convenience.”

“Would you want me staying elsewhere?” She didn’t wait more than a second before continuing for me. “I didn’t think so.

Now, since I don’t want to spoil too much of this fantastic fic for you lovely people, I’ve only selected a few snippets from the fist chapter. But, I gotta say, it just gets better and better as the chapters roll on.

At sixteen chapters, the story is well underway, and a lot has happened along the ride. With long chapters that keep you laughing your ass off, on the edge of your seat, and turned into a puddle of ‘OMG that’s fucking hot’, you’ll be shocked to find out that this is a first attempt at fanfic for NumberedWords.

So, what are you waiting for? A personal invitation?

Consider this it, and move your bums, because this one is definitely worth the read. And when you sit down to read it, don’t be surprised if you can’t stop until you’ve finished. I feel I’ve done my part in warning you; it’s hard to put down.

Now, shoo. Do your part and show the new guy some love. Don’t forget to review. Not only because it deserves the love, but because a writer has to get the encouragement and balls to keep on posting from somewhere. Where else would we get it from, if not from the readers? All it takes is a moment and a kind word or two to keep up motivation.

Are you still here?


Get the fuck outta here and get to reading. I swear you won’t be disappointed.

You heard her… Go.

9 thoughts on “If you liked Saints & Sinners…

  1. I saw twitter explode with y’alls back and forth earlier today so I’ve been waiting for this so I can start another story lol

  2. I had found this story the other day and was hooked. Glad to see it is getting some well deserved pimping.

  3. I’ve been reading collide for a few days now- it is fantastic- between waiting for your updates (which have been so fast to make my head spin this week in happiness) and his I have given myself eye strain. I am so hooked!

  4. Good call, ladies. Good call. I just read the whole thing and his first outtake. I love the whole foursome bromance bit. It adds a totally different element akin to Zigster’s Brothers Northman. It was awesome and I don’t read too many of the new fics out there. I’ve been rather uninspired by what is available.

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