To Tide You Over…

One of the stories listed on my ‘What I Read’ page was removed recently because the the rumor mill (you know who you are) told me that the story wasn’t going to be completed. I didn’t want it to end, but I didn’t want to be responsible for turning you onto a story that you wouldn’t get your HEA from…


I did a little happy dance today when I saw the notification in my mailbox that a new chapter has posted…

So if you find yourself in want for a good AH Alcide/Sookie…

My Last First Date is one of my faves.

I’ve already put the listing back on the ‘What I Read’ page…

As always, feel free to leave a comment to suggest your own faves… I’ve taken the suggestions and I know others have.


6 thoughts on “To Tide You Over…

  1. Love the new layout. Your new banner is wonderful, the new pictures down the left side are awesome, and blue stained wood running down the right side is soothing. Nicely done!

    Hope you and all your little ones are doing well. Can’t wait to read what you post next!

  2. Hi Angela – Very much admire your story telling. Bored to Death is my all time favourite (though S & S is absolutely masterful), and it is with eager anticipation I receive an email notification of a post. Thanking you muchly.

    Some recommendations to share:

    “Mine is a four letter word” by Sleepy Lotus [complete]

    “Even at my most jaded I still had hope” by Sarifina85 [continuing]

    “Immortal Beloved” by AllAboutEric [continuing, updated weekly]
    This is an AU story where Vampire royalty is out in the open, Sookie works for the Royal Household in New Orleans.

    “Love Me Dead” by AllHailAugustus [continuing]
    This is a ‘what if’ story that goes off the idea of what might have happened if Bill had drained Sookie in Jackson during Club Dead.

    • I wholeheartedly second this rec! I found the story and literally couldn’t stop reading it. Am just waiting for the epilogue!

  3. I was also delighted to see that update. Another couple of Alcide stories complete and worth a read are

    Back in the Saddle by Sarita AlexFeatures Sexy Cowboy Alcide 🙂 Her Eric and Sookie stories, The Heights and The Sequel are also well worth a read.

    Secrets that kill by SlackerDee FBI Alcide.

    Also really recommend

    Collide by NumberedWords EPOV, written by a male author and featuring a great bromance with Eric, Tray, Alcide and Jason. Style reminds me a little of your own 🙂

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