New Fun Stuff…

First of all…

Y’all are amazing! I’m just astounded by the response to the last few chapters of Bored To Death!

Thank you for all of the kind words and awesome comments… It’s all very flattering and I’m oh-so happy that you’ve all enjoyed the story so far.


New background, fanart and recipes!

The filmstrip is still the same wonderful work that Mavrosal did for me, but the lighter background was an issue for some of the lettering… themes are limited here on WP… So i hope you like the doctored product of Mavrosal’s imagination and my necessity; mostly i just hope it’s easy for everyone to see.

The recipes have already been added to the Family Cookbook and the art is already available on their respective chapters/pages…

Again… Thanks so much for your support…

It means more than you could possibly imagine.

And uh…

This was just for fun…

10 thoughts on “New Fun Stuff…

      • I’m planning a lil ole party in River City tonight…
        I’m signing out of my IMs and lcoking myself away from Tumblr so that i can get some writing done. Alcide is gonna be the man of the hour… I’m hoping for Friday or Saturday for a new AIW chp.
        Hugs 😀

  1. Love the heat scale…Nathan Fillion for Bobby?! He too gorgeous to be Bobby, LOL! Great fan art and I love the recipes. I look forward to more AIW!

    • You might laugh…
      But I’ve always pictured Tim Curry as ‘my’ Bobby. Clue and Home Alone 2, I guess with the buttling and concierging.
      I’m collecting images for the BTD scene where he serenades Eric. I prob had way too much fun ‘wedding shopping’ for Bill 😉

  2. Fantastic heat scale LOL I hope to try out some of the recipes. Once again I want to say THANK YOU for sharing your talent with me you are an AMAZING writer.

  3. only thing i’m sad about is fact it was sooo long from your last DS update:( any chances you’ll go back to writing this story someday?
    i love all of your fics and i make happy dance every time you update:) only if there would be all of ingredients for breakfast casserole in my country, was so curious about that since you mentioned it in S&S:))

  4. so glad to see the recipes, I make a squash dish like yours but add mushrooms, the only way to get hubby to eat veggies. I really want to try the breakfast casserole. The heat scale is great, loved Gary Oldman in Dracula. Now please I’m greedy and praying for more Alc.

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