You know what burns my ass?!

Woothdye is 100% genius!
Perverse, but in the best way!
This was in my mailbox and I had to post it right away for all of you S&S and AIW readers…
The hours she spent on this was totally worth it IMO…
God bless, Woothdye!
Thanks for the sore ribs!
I’m still laughing.

16 thoughts on “You know what burns my ass?!

  1. OMG……that is awesome!! And I agree with you guys about re-reading. I think I have read s&s 4 times and dead tired/sexy 2 times and currently reading it a 3rd time….love seeing the update emails in my inbox and I don’t care what story they are for…..LOL

  2. OMG that is hillarious. So glad I am not the only addict here. I re-read S & S AND Bored to Death. Can’t get enough!! need my fix!!! I am so pathetic….

  3. This is so wrong, in such a good way, lol.

    I’m glad I’m not alone on rereading. I’ve read S&S and Bored to Death several times each. I don’t seem to get tired of them.


  4. Priceless! Crass, but loveable.

    Add my name to the “Re-reading” club list. I go back and read anything EricIzMine whenever I need a shot of inspiration.

    Which is frequently. Thank God you don’t charge by the page, or I’d be plumb broke by now.

    Love your stuff. Post more for us greedy buggers when you can.

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