I’m not a ‘Godric Fan’…

…Really, I’m not. In fact the Godric-as-Eric’s-maker plot line in True Blood made me twitch more than a few times…

Well… That having been said there is an exception to every rule, I’m posting today to let y’all know about a fun and ooooooh-so-sexy story…

Dying Love by Mavrosal.

It’s a True Blood fanfic… Vampwich…

I spent the better part of two days reading this story…

And don’t regret it… Hope you enjoy!


Oh yeah… and like its not enough… she put together some eye candy for me again…

5 thoughts on “I’m not a ‘Godric Fan’…

  1. I’m with you on the initial reaction I had to the Godric story line. I just have mixed feelings on it in general. Just depends in the story. But I’ll certanly give this one a look! Have intentioned that I love the Sofie-Anne tie u did in DT? …. I can’t wait to find out what you do for Eric’s maker in BtD!

    BTW… I forgot to mention the other day that I’m login the film-strip layout!

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