Opinions are like assholes…

Everybody has one and most of them stink…
I’m not saying anything about y’alls opinions… I just like the saying.
So, last I checked, more than 280 of you gave me your input…
34% seem to prefer black on white
38% seem to prefer white on black
That’s a pretty close race…
The rest of you would read my nonsense if I wrote it on rice 😉
The size of the font is a popular complaint and that comes with the theme/layout and will get fixed soon (I hope)
I’m still playing with pics and back grounds and trying to play with fonts and sizes.
So this is me begging for your continued patience…
And as ever… Your input.
I also wanted to take this chance to thank (kissing feet) CarolinaGirl96a and Mavrosal for my sexy new FanArt.
You ladies are amazing to take the time to turn up the heat on my chapters. Tweet them some love to keep them inspired.
*huge hugs*

22 thoughts on “Opinions are like assholes…

  1. With the way it right now with the graphics it’s hard to read the words on the left side… Either or works for me, but the black on white is easier on the eyes…

  2. I changed my mind! Earlier I said I didn’t mind either way for colors, but after the change to dark on light, I decided I prefer light on dark.

    And an alternate to the above saying:

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but nobody wants to hear yours.

  3. I like the light on dark better, but the pix are a pretty busy on the side. Even if it IS Alex 😀 Isn’t it fun playing, though?

  4. I am of the rice crowd. Seriously, I love your stuff so much I would find a microscope to read it. Either black or White – doesn’t matter.

  5. Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s pink on aqua just please continue to grace us with your creativity…IMO 💡 😉

  6. Admittedly I’m one of the ones who would read your brilliance if it were written on rice. That said, keep in mind that the user can change font size easily on any computer or internet capable mobile phone. The light on dark you’ve got doing at the moment looks good and is easier on the eye.

    PC: ctrl and + at the same time (or – if they want it smaller)
    mac: command and + at the same time (or – if they want it smaller)
    touchscreen phones, ipods, and newer touchscreen laptops just require a slight spreading finger gesture. Bberries do it too but I don’t recall the command.

  7. oops I meant touch-pad laptops like macbooks and newer model PC laptops. my bad. touchscreen desktops do it too though.

  8. what colour on what doean;t matter for me, but the graphic on the side is a bit too much. It makes my eyes twitch, butr i’ll read your stuff cross-eyed if it’s required.

  9. what colour on what doesn’t matter for me, but the graphic on the side is a bit too much. It makes my eyes twitch, but I’ll read your stuff cross-eyed if it’s required.

  10. bigger size font would be nice. i know you can make the size of the screen bigger but still.
    i think how you have it now is okay…maybe make the graphics on the side a little smaller?

  11. I read on my black berry a lot of the time and while I’m one of your rice grain readers (lol) I guess if I had to choose it’d be light on dark. The dark on light is pretty bright and hurts my eyes a bit (though of course I’ll grin and bear it – and go out and buy sunglasses if I have to – cuz I NEED to read the chapters, lol).

  12. MORE Life & Death and The Dating Game. I love you other stories but I feel like these 2 AH stories get ignored and I love them so much!! They are my favorites, please update sooon!!!!!!

  13. While your new artwork is really cool…it is very frustrating trying to read the blog where the edge overlaps the artwork and it is hard to read all of the links on the left. I had to highlight everything just to read it. Black on white/white on black, both work for me….I just love reading your stuff period!! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your passion with all of us!

  14. Here’s my 2 cents. The artwork to the left meshes with the typed script which is mildly annoying but as you said you are working on it. I too would read your story on rice, I can’t get enough of this story. BTD I have read it three times already, it is my cure to boredom. I loved the blood cells red background! Bigger print would help with my eyesight so my vote if your taking them is for a bigger font. As always thanks for writing your fantastic stories!

  15. I’ll go with white on black, but the main thing is that images not be in the way. Right now (I’m sure you know this, but I feel like I have to say it) the images cut off the words to the right right now so I can’t read it. Boo!

    However, I love your writing and love your stories.

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