In Your Opinion…

I’ve been playing (as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now) with the theme and setup of the site.

Before, I had gotten several mentions that some folks preferred ‘light on dark’….

…now I’m getting the occasional ‘dark on light’ notes…

Since y’all are the ones who read it, please let me know.

28 thoughts on “In Your Opinion…

  1. I don’t care about the color, it just seems a little smaller, since I’m getting old I like larger print, but it just means I’ll put on the stronger cheaters.

    • Judeklr – in the menu’s of your browser, there is a zoom option – mine also has the option to only zoom the text, but all you really need to do is hold down the control key and press the + button until it’s a better size for you. It really helps when I’ve been on a reading marathon 🙂 Happy reading!

  2. I feel like a complete ninny…but please remove one vote for black on white and change it to white on black. I like the current version of the site better…color-wise. The white on black is MUCH easier to read. Thank you! The current version is DEFINITELY better…IMHO.

  3. Thanks for asking about the site. Your last theme was nice in that the background of the frame of the story’s text was in a different color from the background of the general site. You might consider making the color of the font to be a few shades darker if you go back to the old theme.

    With regards to the current white on black theme, you might want to consider a little larger font size, I found myself increasing my browser zoom level when reading the BTD chapter this morning.

    Just my 2 cents since you went to the trouble to ask…

  4. I think I heard or read somewhere that some research showed that black on yellow (probably a light or pastel version instead of bright yellow) was the easiest color combination to read. A quick Google search turned up that combination as a good option among several but I couldn’t find anything definitive on that one.

    My only preference is a dark text on a light background though.

  5. I think I do like the new light on dark better, but not by much, I dont feel very strongly either way. I did like the red highlights in the old banner though, the new style while nice and clean, would look better with the odd flash of colour in all that black – that’s just my opinion though 🙂

  6. I like the light on dark better, but the font could be a little larger. Perhaps with the larger font it would be better, but I do like light on the red background you had a while back.

  7. I am sorry i don’t like the new look you got going on, but it i think it has more to do with font size than colour to be honest…


  8. Either way works for me 🙂 The words are all I care about. If you’re messing with formatting thouh, it would be awesome if you could add the next/previous buttons to the bottom of the page. Not big deal though, the time you spend writing is amazing, I’d hate to take away from it with web editing.

    Thanks again for sharing your writing and for caring what your readers think!

  9. White text on black background is more relaxing for my eyes. I use the same on, but the fond could be a bit bigger. Or bolded. But bigger would probably play best.

    Oh, and congratulations on all your work. I’ve read everything but this is the first time I’ve commented.

    Lots of viking hugs for you and all the readers!

  10. I voted for the black on white – because for me, the white on black strains my eyes, but it may have something to do with the font size as others have suggested. I put my two cents b/c you asked, but honestly I’m of the mind you should choose what you like, I think the website should represent you, it’s your work, your site. And frankly, the work is so effing great, I would read even if it were bright neon yellow on white screen. 🙂

  11. While yellow text on black is ‘technically’ easiest to read according to experts who do research on things like this, I do find the white text on black refreshing. I also agree with the others that the text size may be a little small.

    Great stories by the way. Originality and well written; a rare combination.

  12. If you wrote a book I would buy it!!! Your writing is the best and I can’t get enough. When I read fanfiction it is set black with white lettering. I don’t care as long as I get my Eric and Sookie fix.

  13. I like the white (grey) on black, but i’m not such a fan of the current setup. sorry for sounding like a record 🙂

    1) You can zoom in & you can use it on any site.
    A) View – Zoom – choose how much to zoom in
    B) {short cut} Ctrl – Plus (zoom in) or Ctrl – Minus(zoom out)

  14. My eyes really struggle with with the white on black. The joys of old age, I guess! That, and my dial-up hates the black background, but that’s just a patience issue.

  15. I like the white on black because my eyes don’t get tired as easily… not to mention when I’m reading in bed, the darker background means that I don’t keep hubby awake with the brightness of my screen. That being said, I’m enough of a techno geek to know how to change things like that for myself anyway… but I think the white on black is better 🙂
    To everyone who is mentioning font size, hold down control and press the + key until it’s the size you like (there may be an option in your menu’s to only change the text, but if not it will just expand everything)

  16. I prefer black text (not gray) on a white background with a sans serif font, which is easier to read online. I do zoom the text to make it bigger but that’s just a personal preference. I can read either color-scheme but for the white text on black, I do like the new font. The black with white text give the site a cooler, designer look. Good job! Thanks for asking.

  17. Color schemes are okay either way for me, but add another vote for larger font. Yeah, I know how to zoom, but I prefer not to.

  18. White text on black background tends to leave an unpleasant after-image on the eyes; for me, fonts are generally more of a problem than colors. Sans-serifs are easier to read than serifs.

    I voted for dark text / light background, but let’s be honest: I’m gonna read it no matter what color scheme you choose, as long as it’s not chartreuse on magenta.

  19. Definitely white on black background. It’s less stressful on the eyes when reading and working on computers. The designers working with CATIA & UGS always worked color/white on dark backgrounds. They would even turn the overhead lights of for less glare.

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